COC protests with letters against ‘homophobic’ preacher from Krimpen aan den IJssel

A few dozen people wrote protest letters under the Erasmus Bridge to the mayor of Krimpen aan den IJssel. They ask the municipality to take action against pastor Anthonie Kort van de Mieraskerk, who according to the activists has made unfriendly statements to the people.

The writing action follows a broadcast of the YouTube series #BOOS by presenter Tim Hofman, writes the regional broadcaster Rijnmond. It featured Krimpenaar and COC Rotterdam vice president Leon Houtzager, who has been campaigning against the pastor for some time. Last year, he reported discrimination by the pastor for allegedly making homophobic and racist statements in a leaked letter to the city council. Justice did nothing with it at the time, because the freedom of religion stood in the way.

In total, the campaign resulted in 73 letters. They were written for the sitting artwork ReWind on Willemsplein in Rotterdam, a monument to sexual and gender diversity.

The letter writing campaign was not the only protest. This weekend, drawings and texts were written on the sidewalk in front of the church and opponents have been heard on the Facebook page of the church.

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