Coca-Cola beats Pepsi: its Renault electric trucks are already running, Tesla is waiting

To the tractor Tesla Semi we have been waiting for several years. We should expect it in a few days, specifically on December 1. That’s when the first 15 Pepsi trucks should be delivered. In addition, Tesla boasts that they completed a test drive with a loaded car weighing a total of 81,000 pounds (36.8 tons) and drove it for a claimed 500 miles (805 km). This version should cost 180 thousand USD, which is a competitive amount considering the usual price of diesel tractors. But he is far from the first to offer electric trucks on the market. These already exist and are being sold, while Tesla is now the target of ridicule from rival Coca-Cola, which a few days ago launched electric cars from Renault (D E-Tech and D Wide E-Tech).

This happened in Antwerp, Belgium, where 5 of these cars were deployed. In the case of Renault, however, it is not a direct competitor to Tesla, as it is only a delivery van, which cannot even remotely match Tesla’s in terms of range. This is only the so-called “last mile”, where Coca-Cola claims that its cars travel about 150 km a day. Trucks thus have a range of 200 km, which should usually be enough, but in my opinion it is a relatively small margin. According to the company, electric cars with this range could be deployed on 40% of the deliveries it makes. The cars are to be charged during the night with electricity from renewable sources, which is produced by the depot itself. Another 25 trucks are to be delivered to Ghent and Chaudfontaine.

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The cars have cameras covering 360° around the car to eliminate any blind spots, a loudspeaker to warn pedestrians and cyclists and a multi-glazed door on the passenger side for a better view of the situation on the right side. However, Tesla will still beat Renault in the case of heavy-duty electric trucks E-Tech T and E-Tech C. Renault will not put them into production and sale until the end of next year 2023 and they will be produced in Bourg-en-Bresse, France.

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