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Cochrane report: measles vaccine effective and safe – health & nutrition

The Cochrane medical network provides an overview of the measles, mumps and rattle vaccination that has been mandatory since March. It is effective and safe. It is important to adhere to the vaccination schedule for young children.

The current coronavirus pandemic shows just how important vaccinations are: everyone hopes that a vaccine will be developed soon so that they can return to normal life.

“Vaccinations are one of the most important and most effective preventive measures in medicine,” writes the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). On the occasion of the current European vaccination week, she is campaigning not to lose sight of the recommended vaccinations despite the Corona crisis. The head of the BZgA, Heidrun Theiss, emphasizes: “It is very important to vaccinate infants and young children, which should be carried out as early as possible.” However, the later U examinations – from U6 to U9 – could be postponed in consultation with the doctor, according to the BZgA.

Measles-Mumps-Vaccines Effective and Safe

Measles vaccination has been mandatory for daycare, kindergarten and school children since 1 March. In line with this, the Cochrane Society, a renowned network for the evaluation of medical therapies, has now presented an updated overview report on the effectiveness and safety of measles-mumps-rteln active ingredients (MMR) and the combination with chickenpox vaccines. To this end, the researchers evaluated 138 studies, of which 51 studies (with around 10 million children) assessed the effectiveness and 87 studies (with 13 million children) assessed the damage. The conclusion: The substances are effective and safe, it says in a message from Cochrane Germany. “As far as safety is concerned, we know from previous studies from around the world that the risks from these diseases far outweigh the risks of preventive vaccines,” said lead author Carlo Di Pietrrantonj of the Italian Regional Reference Service fr Epidemiology cited.

Studies disprove the link between vaccination and autism

The scientists expressly address the repeatedly claimed connection between MMR vaccination and autism. Two studies, which looked at more than a million children, disproved this: Accordingly, there were the same number of autism diagnoses in vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. No connection was found for other diseases such as encephalitis, Krohn’s disease, asthma or multiple sclerosis.

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