Coco Li angrily chides the program director and netizens: Shady is the norm in mainland talent shows | The Voice of China | Lu variety show

[The Epoch Times, September 30, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) On the mainland talent show “The Epoch Times”The voice of ChinaThe Chinese singer who served as a mentor inCoco Lee(CoCo), a video recently exposed at the recording site of the promotion competition, criticizing the unfairness of the program. In the video, she shouted to the director of the program: “Can you explain it? Is this fair?” It triggered mainland netizens to reveal that “shady scenes are the norm for (mainland) talent shows.”

In a video posted on Sina Weibo,Coco LeeStanding under the stage, he shouted angrily: “Blind! Everyone is watching! Director, please give me the rules of the game, why? Why do those with 73 points get a second chance, and those with 88.3 points don’t have a second chance? Can the director explain? Is this fair?” The players who were suspected of being her team were eliminated.

In this video of less than a minute, Li Min raised the volume again: “Everyone is watching, is this fair? If you don’t say it, everyone will say it!” She could hear that she was so excited that the staff beside her was hoarse. They didn’t dare to come forward to comfort them. After speaking, she turned her head and left the recording site. (Click to watch the video

The video quickly circulated and fermented online. Some people praised Coco Li for daring to say it, and some netizens questioned the show’s hype with the script, and some netizens left comments: “This is internal entertainment (mainland entertainment circle), Coco Li isn’t used to it yet!” “What Coco Li doesn’t know is that , 73 points will become the one with 88 points when the show is broadcast!” “Shadow is the normal operation of talent shows, it’s no big deal.”

While netizens lamented that “the rules of this program are outrageous”, some people also recalled that Hong Kong singer Eason Chan, who served as the program’s mentor, broke the news in Hong Kong’s ViuTV program “Fu Chen” in 2017. The director of the program once gave him and Na Ying in the headphones. Send the instruction “click, click”, that is, ask them to press the button to select a certain student designated by the program group.

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Coco Li’s video of criticizing the program director in public this time has attracted a large number of mainland netizens to watch and discuss, and the topic was once on Weibo’s hot search list.

Responsible editor: Ye Ziwei

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