“Codeco’s measurements lack clarity” (Hannut)

Hannut is trying to enforce Codeco’s measures. The mayor regrets that they were decided just before their implementation …

The mayor of Hannut, Manu Douette tries to set up the last measures decided on Friday afternoon by Codeco. It is because there was the launch of “his” Christmas market this weekend. “For three Fridays in a row, Codeco has taken decisions that are communicated to us at 4 p.m. to be applied at 6 p.m. the same day., he laments. Making decisions and passing them on to us just beforehand is a bit of a joke of the mayors. It’s really not serious and it’s starting to do well. We are the last link in the chain and we need to enforce the new directives. There are a lot of organizations and we have to set everything up with teleworking staff. “

In addition, the mayor of Hannut considers that the decisions are not clear. “The last ministerial decree does not contain a decision. It refers to a previous decision and to old references. So we need to do some research to find this earlier decision. It becomes unreadable.

Despite everything, the mayor of Hanover shows good will and hopes that things will turn out for the better. All municipal staff are working hard to ensure that new decisions are quickly implemented and respected. The mayor is in constant contact with traders, event organizers and the Horeca sector to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible. “Everyone wants to work together to make things go well. No one wants to be the originator of a cluster. We all have family members or friends who are more or less at risk and no one would want things to go wrong..”

The will is to respect the measures announced and to avoid new sources of contamination. The subject is on everyone’s lips and Manu Douette receives between ten and twenty emails per day concerning only the measures taken by Codeco. “What is very difficult is that there are as many opinions as there are people. When we want to have a healthy democracy, we have to listen to everyone’s opinions in order to form an opinion, but this is all over the place. “

Some do not understand the new measures that keep events going and will close schools a week before the Christmas holidays. “We will have to show pedagogy. We are there to enforce decisions with which we do not always agree. Wearing a mask at school will cause concern. Some are in favor, others say it is bad for the children and the third tell us that they will not put their children back to school as long as the measure is in force. This is going to create a real problem. “ For the bourgmestre, things are not always clear, which does not help anything. “The rules are complex and difficult to put in place. I have had three or four mayors online and many are at their wit’s end. It is sometimes a real headache. “

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