Coexistence problems increase in Secondary School and teachers relate it to the misuse of screens

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A student climbed Instagram images of his teacher and he became the target of ridicule at the institute. The boy was expelled for a week, but then he returned to the classroom and, after a few days, he recovered. YouTube an old video in which the teacher appeared, who once again suffered widespread ridicule from the class. The teacher did not know what to do and contacted the Teacher Advocate. This figure, who manages the union Anpe in all the autonomous communities, has received during the last year 428 queries related to lack of respect from students, practically the same as the previous year.

In 2022/23 In general, queries related to coexistence problems in Secondary School have increased. 47% of the calls, messages and visits received correspond to this educational stage, 5% more than the previous year. Those in charge of this psychological care service for teachers were surprised by the data, because when they started, a decade ago, requests for help from Secondary Schools barely accounted for 7% of the cases.

Anpe, the majority teachers’ union in public education, has confirmed that there has been an “increase in mental health problems” that it relates, among other causes, to “the inappropriate use of social networks.”

“The misuse of technology has increased the worsening of mental health. The use of social networks paradoxically implies social isolation. In the era of communication, behaviors associated with social isolation have increased,” warns the report. activities of the Teachers’ Ombudsman, which was published this Tuesday.

The report adds that “mental health specialists are detecting a change in symptoms as a consequence of new social factors present today, such as the phenomenon kindling (increased excitability in the neurons of the limbic system that controls impulsivity circuits and anger management) and problems that are a consequence of declining handwriting versus typing – there are studies that allude that the areas related to reading and writing, If they are not worked manually, they are negatively affected, reducing the ability to understand.”

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