Cogne Acciai Speciali to its employees a prize of 900 euros

And result award given the excellent economic and financial results for 2022. Yesterday, Friday 28 April, the management of Cogne Acciai Speciali approved an economic recognition equal to 900 euros for its employees linked to the extra profitability.

“2022 was a complex year – he explained Monica Pirovano, General Manager of Cogne – but with everyone’s commitment and effort we managed to increase our Ebitda by 17 percent. An important result that the Company also wanted to share with its employees. It should be noted that the 2022 performance bonus is in addition to the “Bonus Presidente” that the engineer Giuseppe Marzorati donated at the end of last year”. “I think these are indicators – added Pirovano – of the fact that the Company is aware of the value of its human resources and that it works to ensure that they are valued and compensated, also from an economic point of view.

The 900 euros that employees will receive derive from the sum of 800 euros of extra profitability and 100 euros which are part of the second-level negotiation that the company signed last July with reference to the extension of the bonus itself.


For Cogne Acciai Speciali “the best balance sheet ever”, with an Ebitda of 100 million euro

For Cogne Acciai Speciali comes the “best balance sheet ever, with revenues of 965 million euros and an Ebitda of 100 million euros (+17% compared to the previous year). The accounting document was approved in recent days. 2022 ends with a pre-tax result of over 59 million euros and equal net profit to 50 million 847 thousand euros. Hence the taxes paid which amounted to 8 million 344 thousand euros.

The CEO Massimiliano Burelli: It is the best result ever recorded to date, obtained in a difficult context in which people and a winning strategy have made the difference. With the approval of the 2022 Financial Statements, Cogne Acciai Speciali consolidates and strengthens its industrial path as a global leader in long products in stainless steel and nickel alloys. Despite the complex international geopolitical situation and the ups and downs of the markets, strongly influenced by the evolution of the costs of raw materials and energy, the company recorded the best performance in its history”.

During 2022, one third of the 44 million euros invested “were destined for ESG projects, – continues the CEO – to continue our mission towards sustainability, in which respect for people and their safety, attention to the environment and to the community in which we operate are the basic ingredient of our success”.

On the personnel front, in 2022 Cogne saw an increase of 78 units, going from a workforce of 1,413 units to 1,491.
On the other hand, on the subject of safety, 2022 recorded the severity index and frequency index at the lowest levels ever, “reason for partial satisfaction because the goal is to have no injuriesand which are positioned below the national average for similar steel plants”.

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