Coimbra hospitals carry out a pioneering intervention in Portugal

The Hospital and University Center of Coimbra (CHUC) performed for the first time a percutaneous intervention on the tricuspid valve, with the Pascal device, a pioneering treatment nationwide, it was announced this Monday (November 22).

The intervention took place at the Hospital and University Center of Coimbra (CHUC), at the Cardiovascular Intervention Unit (UNIC).

The treatment consisted of a minimally invasive, non-surgical intervention to repair severe and symptomatic tricuspid insufficiency and included the placement of two clips in the tricuspid valve leaflets, allowing a significant reduction in valvular insufficiency, which will allow for the improvement of insufficiency complaints. patient’s heart“, explains, quoted in the press release, the director of the CHUC cardiology service, Lino Gonçalves.

“There were no complications or complications and the patient was discharged the next day,” he added.

According to the director of the cardiology service, the regurgitation of this heart valve “causes the reflux of blood from the right ventricle to the right atrium with disastrous consequences for the patient”.

In these cases, the options for correction of tricuspid regurgitation “were limited to cardiac surgery”.


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