Coinbase arriva al NASDAQ! –

Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular exchanges in the world, will go public next April 14, at NASDAQ. There are several interesting issues of this quotation, which will lead to the most capitalized stock exchange in the world one of the main players in the cryptocurrency sector.

Coinbase nasdaq listing
The time for listing for Coinbase is coming: markets in turmoil

As well as one of the exchanges that have always been among those recommended by Criptovaluta.ithere to read our Coinbase review – which offers a safe, solid and fast platform to invest in the best cryptocurrencies. That after a record quarterly, of which we’ll talk shortly, arrives on the stock exchange as one of the most anticipated stocks of 2021.

What does Coinbase’s listing mean?

It means that we will all be able to become Coinbase shareholders by purchasing shares. The details, as we shall see, have not yet been fully disclosed and it is not clear a what a price we will be able to buy them and how many will be offered for sale.

Coinbase in fact it has chosen to go public directly, without resorting to bank intermediaries and with a procedure that, in recent times, is very popular especially by companies in the blockchain world, or directly connected to this universe.

First, there will be great monetization for current stock holders, or at least for those who decide to sell them. Because with the latest published quarterly a sentiment strongly bullish among all industry experts. For the users, or for those who buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, at least in the short term nothing will change. Because Coinbase will continue to operate according to the fees it has accustomed us to. Without any kind of change.

How can you invest?

For the moment everything is silent and we will have to wait for the next one April 14 to see which brokers and which intermediaries will offer the shares COIN – this is the ticker chosen, suggestively, by the group – from its price lists. Everything also suggests that the former stages of exchange will be very volatile, with thehype that around the stock grows out of all proportion, above all due to the excellent quarterly report released by the group.

To invest, you will have to buy Coinbase shares, as we are perhaps used to doing for other companies as well. And keep them until we have made a profit that is convenient for us. For this time we will not be able to proceed with cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase: an exchange in grand salute

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts were already in jujube soup for the listing of one of the best-known names in the firmament of the blockchain. But now investors too classics have started to take a strong interest in this next listing.

The reason? On the one hand, the huge growth of the entire cryptocurrency sector, of which Coinbase is among the first beneficiaries. Either because he earns commissions from exchanges, and because he has significant amounts of cryptovalute, for obvious reasons.

On the other, the numbers that were released by the group: 322 million profit by 2020, nearly 50 million users, over 1 billion revenue and an overall valuation of over 28 billion, over 300% higher than in the boom period of 2018.

We can only enjoy this moment: the appointment is for next April 14, Wednesday, when the NASDAQ bell will open for the first trading session also for COIN.

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