Coinbase users can now buy and sell the brave token of basic attention

The news in principle caused a price increase, but then decreased.

the Coinbase exchange you're adding the token Basic Attention Token (BAT) of courageous to its retail platform, less than a week after including it Coinbase Pro.

BAT It is the new token for the digital advertising industry. Pay publishers their content and users for their attention, giving advertisers more room in exchange for their ads.

The exchange announced yesterday that customers can buy, sell, exchange or make token transactions, as well as its applications android is iOS. Coinbase he said for the first time that he was supporting the token on his merchant professional platform last Friday, which makes BAT the second ERC-20 token the company would have included in the list, after 0x.

That said, not all customers can exchange the card. The exchange has noticed "BATs will be available to customers in most jurisdictions, but will not initially be available to New York state residents."

Customers of Coinbase Pro in Empire State Nor can they exchange BATs at the moment.

The price of BAT he had an immediate reaction from the market after the official news of his listing in Coinbase, including a 5% increase in price within minutes to reach $ 0.39, the highest price since July 24th.

The increase was supported by $ 15 million in volume over a period of 15 minutes only in the exchange of Binance. The profit taking came just after the initial momentum and today, when it's 14 hours in New York, it recorded a loss of 17% compared to yesterday. Can be seen in the chart:

source: CoinDesk is CoinMarketCap

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