Coincidentally the Corruption Players are in Politics

Jakarta, – Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menko Polhukam), Mahfud MD who at the same time serves as Acting Minister of Communication and Informatics emphasized that corruption cases were ensnared Johnny G Plate is pure law and not politicized.

According to Mahfud, it was only a coincidence that the perpetrators of the corruption act were political actors. It is known, Johnny G Plate serves as Secretary General (Secretary General) of the National Democratic Party (NasDem). The relationship between the NasDem Party and Joko Widodo’s Government Coalition is now tenuous.

“Brothers, this is not politicization, it has nothing to do with it, maybe it’s a coincidence,” Mahfud said in his remarks at the Anniversary of the Nationalist Bhineka Movement (GBN), Central Jakarta, Sunday (21/5/2023).

“Incidentally, the players intersect with politics. But that’s pure law,” he continued.

He explained that the corruption case in the BAKTI BTS project at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics was true. This is because he himself witnessed that the BTS tower construction project had been stalled for a long time.

“The budget for the project to build BTS pillars for the towers, the budget is IDR 28 trillion, in 2020 10 trillion will be disbursed, in December 2021 there will be no goods,” said Mahfud.

In view of this case, Mahfud said that the eradication of criminal acts of corruption had only been revealed in one institution or ministry. According to him, there are still many projects in government institutions that must be investigated.

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2023-05-21 13:57:00

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