Colau announces that she has decided not to be a minister despite the insistence of her "political space"

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The former mayor of Barcelona and leader of BCommon At City Hall, Ada Colau announced this Thursday that she has decided not to be a minister despite the insistence of her political space.

“My political space has repeatedly asked me to consider being a minister, but I have already said no,” she said in an interview on Rac1 reported by Europa Press, where she assured that she rejected it for personal and political reasons.

She has assured that she has considered it very seriously, something she had not done before, because the political space to which she belongs and to which she feels “responsible and committed” has asked her, but after giving it many considerations she has rejected it, in his words.

Colau has also regretted “the overacting and personal attack” towards her by the former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, but has refused to “get into the mud” by arguing with this party. He has explained that he disliked “the personal attack” against her by Pablo Iglesias in statements from previous days in which he accused him of authoritarianism.

“I dislike the personal attack, and even more so with the years we have shared and knowing who the adversary is,” lamented Colau, who considered that “the overacting” of Pablo Iglesias and his “personal attack” may be due to an attempt. for covering up the agreement reached between the PSOE and Sumar”.

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