Cold weather will continue in the entity

The central area of ​​the entity will feel the cold with greater intensity in the next 24 hours, this according to the forecast issued by the Undersecretary of Civil Protection and Risk Management.

It will favor a cool environment during the first hours of dawn, and from cool to temperate and windy with gusts equal to or greater than 40 kilometers per hour during the day, as well as the development of fogs and mists.

In Pachuca and the metropolitan area, the temperature forecast will be between 5 and 13 degrees, mostly cloudy, with potential for maximum rain and wind of 38 kilometers per hour.

While in Tulancingo the temperature will oscillate between 5 and 13 degrees, so also in the Altiplano region and Valle del Mezquital, in the latter the maximum will reach 17 degrees. In the Otomí-Tepehua region, where high chances of rain are expected, the weather will not feel so cold in the center of the state, since the term could reach up to 21 degrees.

While in Huasteca, it also has high chances of rain, with gusts of wind of 28 kilometers per hour and the temperature will be between 16 and 23 degrees. In the sierra of Hidalgo, the icy climate with rainfall will also prevail.

Cool environment, rain potential, maximum gusts of wind 40 kph. The lowest temperature, is arbitrated, is 11 degrees.

Due to the cold weather, the agency recommends, as far as possible, to stay home and keep warm.


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