Coles reveals a new range of healthy food products


Coles is expanding into the booming sector of health foods with a new brand offering 28 products for clean food consumers.

The big supermarket says that over 40 percent of Australians want to eat more healthily, but often can't afford the exorbitant costs of items commonly in this range.

The company announced today that the Wellness Road proprietary brand would be more accessible to buyers who are juggling with cost-of-living pressures, said Coles chief operating officer Greg Davis.

"Come on guys, going through the years & # 39; 60 and & # 39; 70, our customers tell us they want to eat less processed foods and reduce sugar and salt," he said.

"Even customers don't want to change the whole diet or pay a huge premium for healthier foods and don't have the time to take a special shopping trip for a couple of ingredients."

The Wellness Road line, which includes organic black rice noodles with chia and Australian almond flour, are healthier than normal food products without artificial colors and flavors and less saturated fats. View the complete list of products at the bottom of the story.

"What we have tried to do with Wellness Road is simply to provide our customers with uncomplicated goodness – delicious tasting and nutritionally balanced products – and, importantly, with great value," said Davis.

Sydney Swans-based chef and former MasterChef competitor, Courtney Roulston, said the range would make it easier for consumers to eat healthier.

"The great kitchen is based on excellent ingredients, and when you have a range of healthier products that are more readily available and affordable, there is no excuse that your next meal should not be delicious and healthy," he said. .

This is Coles' third major announcement this week, as the supermarket giant aims to accelerate sales growth since leaving the Wesfarmers conglomerate at the end of last year.

On Monday, the company said it was increasing its convenience strategy by adding 75 new products to its range of ready-to-buy dishes to be bought and consumed on the run.

The plan will include the start of the refurbishment of 100 supermarkets over the next six months to enable them to replenish classic cafeteria-style meals, such as Australia's favorite avocado with mini toast.

"Our customers always try to make up for their time, but with a minimum compromise on freshness, quality and taste," a Coles spokesman told

And then Wednesday, Coles announced that it was starting to sell large products to compete with Costco's US mass-selling competitor.

More than 25 products would be offered in high value packaging, from cereals to baked goods and specialty specialties, and allow buyers to save 60% on some products.

The widest range of products, including pasta, cereals, couscous and breadcrumbs, will be available in stores today.

Mr Davis warned that stocks could vary from store to store and be purchased in advance to avoid disappointment.

"We know our customers are looking for value when they stock up on basic products and offering some of our most popular products in bulk is a way to help our customers save time and manage their family budgets," he said.

The Wellness Road range is available at selected Coles supermarkets and online

throughout Australia and includes:

– Organic black rice noodles with Wellness Road (225 g) $ 2.75

– Wellness road with Australian almond flour (300 g) $ 10.00

– Australian seeds of Chia White Road Wellness Road (300 g) $ 8.00

– Australian Organic Black Chia Wellness Road Seeds (300g) $ 8.00

– Organic Wellness Road Cocoa Powder (500 g) $ 10.00

– Premium Wellness Road sunflower (500g) $ 4.90

– Wellness Road Tiger Nut Flour (275 g) $ 10.00

– Organic White Quinoa Wellness Road (1 kg) $ 10.00

– Wellness Road Pumpkin Kernels Premium (300g) $ 4.50

– Triiina Tri Biologica Wellness Road, gluten free (500g) $ 7.00

– Chia Black Road Wellness seeds (300 g) $ 8.00

– Wellness Road brown flax seed meal (500 g) $ 4.00

– Premium Wellness Road sesame seeds (250 g) $ 3.80

– Wellness Road Australian Golden Flaxseed (500g) $ 4.50

– Wellness Road Organic Buckwheat Flour (500 g) $ 5.00

– Quinoa Australian White Grain of Wellness Road (300 g) $ 8.00

– Wellness Road Polenta (500g) $ 3.00

– Wellness Road Premium stabilized Wheatgerm (375g) $ 3.00

– Whole wheat flour of wellness flour (750g) $ 750

– Wellness Road Australian White Quinoa Grain (300 g) $ 5.50

– Wellness Road yeast flakes (200 g) $ 8.00

– Tagliatelle with Organic Wellness Rice Road (225 g) $ 3.75

– Organic White Quinoa Wellness Road (500g) $ 7.00

– Wellness Road vegetable protein (400g) $ 6.00

– Organic Australian Wellness Road linseed oil (200 ml) $ 10.00

– Wellness Road Organic Buckwheat Kernel (500 g) $ 3.50

– Wellness Road Organic Golden Flaxmeal (500 g) $ 5.70

– Spaghetti with organic red Wellness Road rice (225 g) $ 3.75

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