Colette Provencher talks for a rare time about her celibacy

Invited to the eponymous program of Marie-Claude Barrette, broadcast Tuesday morning, Colette Provencher confided for a very rare occasion on her feelings about her life as a single woman.

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While the theme of the show was centered on singleness, the TVA weather presenter took the opportunity to open up about her views on relationships, but also the simple fact that she is good with herself. , therefore, she lives very well with the fact of being single.

During this episode, the latter was surrounded by Louise Sigouinof Genevieve Gagnon as well as Jordan Dupuis.

Single for four years, Colette says she is well and not ready to meet the rare pearl:

“I don’t want to be matched. I will be matched when I want to be, but for now, no,” she said from the outset.

“When I’m in love, after that, I need some downtime, and there’s no time limit in that. I take the time it takes,” she advised.

Screenshot via Marie-Claude.

She went further on a very important criterion in her eyes, namely abundance:

“I want abundance in everything; in the dialogues, in the well-being, in the moments that we will be together, in the connection, in everything, in sports. I want us to get along well. I want that abundance in my relationship,” she said.

Screenshot via Marie-Claude.

“When you are two, you have twice as much happiness, twice as much misery,” she said, making Louise Sigouin laugh in passing.

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Screenshot via Marie-Claude.

Colette explained that when a person is single, she does not have to experience the less good sides of the partner and this certainly brings several advantages.

She also assured Marie-Claude Barette that she has already fulfilled her desire for abundance in her past relationships, but adds that after a great therapeutic journey, she better understands her desires, but also the things that she doesn’t want any more in her life.

Screenshot via Marie-Claude.

“I come from an alcoholic father, so my first relationships […]the person was either an alcoholic, a drug addict, or whatever […] I met where I knew in life, and where I came from.

She also made reference to the fact that she comes from a large family and as a youngest, she always felt like she was forgotten, coming last. She was afraid that we wouldn’t take care of her, that we wouldn’t pay her any attention. This, among other things, was part of his relationship patterns of the past, which today, thanks to therapy, have been resolved.

Screenshot via Marie-Claude.

“I understood that, I don’t want to repeat this anymore. pattern-to be.”

She added a sentence that seems to represent her psychological work well and is at the same time completely inspiring:

“If the spouses I’ve had in my life come back to me, I’m no longer there,” she reflected.

To rewatch the episode, it’s this way.

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