collaborate with more studies to prevent a single entity controlling all rights

The soccer entity wants to open its horizons towards video games and the eSports panorama.

The dispute between EA and FIFA for the continuation of football deliveries is not going the right way. A discussion that has led the developer to get down to work on the search for new names for your games and let it come to light the economic agreement persecuted by the football federation. Which leads us to perhaps see substantial changes in the world of videogames, both due to future EA installments and the growing interest of FIFA to delve even further into this sector.

This is how the entity has expressed it in a statement published on their website, where they ensure that “FIFA is shown Very optimist about the long-term future of their video games and eSports. “An idea that, after unsuccessful agreements with EA, leads them to think that” this is an industry that should not be owned by a single entity that controls all the rights “.

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FIFA is very optimistic about the long-term future of its video games and eSportsFIFATherefore, the federation has decided to open its doors to other studios with the intention of “establishing a long-term approach to the sector of video games, eSports and interactive entertainment”. In other words, it will allow the use of your licenses soccer beyond EA and its deliveries of the FIFA franchise.

In addition to its interest in this sector, the entity has made the decision to unite your competitions with the field of video gamesAs such, it will use the FIFA World Cup and the FIFA Women’s World Cup “to introduce and integrate exciting new game and eSports offerings.”

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Be that as it may, it seems that we will not stop entertaining ourselves with FIFA licenses in the digital world, although it is likely that the EA saga undergoes important changes due to such decisions. In this sense, and despite the fact that everything points to an imminent alteration in the FIFA franchise, the developer has already renewed its agreement with FIFPro and his last FIFA 22 has turned out to be a great sales success. So after 28 years football deliveries full of surprises, we are likely to see a different approach to the sport in the video game.

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