Collect signatures on the limitation of representation expenses of senior officials

The collection of signatures has been started on the public initiative portal “” in order to limit the representation expenses of senior officials.

Jānis Ludāns will indicate the representative of the initiative. He wants to stop wasting taxpayers’ money to pay for the representation expenses of senior officials without justification and as a supplement to the monthly salary in a constant amount.

The application for the initiative emphasizes that even during Covid-19, when senior government officials work from home, they retain entertainment expenses of 1,000 euros per month.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is necessary to set a limit for these expenses at the level of officials, as well as representation expenses to be paid “post factum” by presenting checks, receipts, etc. It must not be a constant payment, ”Ludāns is convinced.

According to him, this would save budget money. “Although it will not be much financially, the effect of solidarity, justice and public trust will be even greater for such financial gain,” said the author of the idea.


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