Collect the claim "end the Transition" and Sánchez emphasizes his "maximum disposition" to negotiate with the ‘abertzales’

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Bildu has confirmed without any nuance its support for Pedro Sánchez to “stop fascism”, “the reactionary bloc”, “the Spanish extreme right” and to ensure that Euskadi is recognized as an “anti-fascist” nation with more social rights.

The spokeswoman for the abertzales, Mertxe Aizpuruahas assured that his party is committed to a “coherent” policy that “respects the will of the citizens” and that promotes “an independence and left-wing project.”

“We represent useful politics,” he assured before urging Sánchez to “show the same coherence” and commit to the range of forces that today make up “a historic, plurinational and anti-fascist bloc.” Aizpurua has insisted that Bildu does not grant Sánchez a “blank check.”

The representative of Bildu has spoken on behalf of the Basques, Catalans and Galicians and has warned against the “mantra” according to which if they were really allowed to decide “Spain would disappear”, it would “collapse”. Aizpurúa has asked to “close the imposition phase” and open the phase of respect for “plurinationality.”

He has spoken of entering a stage of “advanced democracy” that “will benefit all citizens of the State” and that will put an “end to the Transition paradigm” that was built “on social elites.” “Now,” he urged Sánchez, “we must govern to the detriment of these elites.”

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