Colliding galaxies photographed by the Hubble telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is back, and NASA has photos to prove it. Earth-orbiting observatory has been decommissioned June 13 and stayed that way for over a month, while engineers scrambled to identify a mysterious problem. NASA has yet to announce the exact cause of the problem, but the agency’s engineers were able to get Hubble back online by activating some of its back-up equipment on Thursday, July 15.

“I was quite worried,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA, during a video interview Friday July 16 with Nzinga Tull, who led the Hubble team during troubleshooting. “We all knew it was riskier than we usually do.”

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Hubble slowly powered up its science instruments over the weekend and did some systems checks to make sure everything was still working. Then he took his first images since the start of this debacle.

On Saturday July 17, the telescope focused its objective on a set of unusual galaxies. One of his new images shows a pair of galaxies slowly colliding. The other image shows a spiral galaxy with long, outstretched arms. Most spiral galaxies have an even number of arms, but this one has only three. Hubble also observes the Northern and Southern Lights (…)

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