Colmenares case will be 10 years old and is close to prescribing

Since that day and every October, the family of Luis Andrés Colmenares relives more strongly the loss of the young man. This 2020 marks 10 years and parents fear that the case will never be solved.

In February 2017, Laura Moreno and Jessy Quintero were acquitted by the eleventh criminal judge of the crimes of homicide and cover-up, respectively.

From that moment, the defense of the Colmenares family went to the Superior Court of Bogotá so that, in second instance, it could confirm the acquittal or reverse it. Three and a half years have passed and the case does not advance.

The worrying thing about the situation is that the expiration of terms is ‘hot on the heels’ of justice because, says week, the charges against Moreno and Quintero “are extinguished when half of the time of the maximum penalty set, counted from the imputation, is served.”

That means that since the two young women were charged on October 7, 2011 and the maximum penalty for the crime of cover-up for which Quintero was accused is 18 years, that means that your case prescribed last week: October 7, 2020, when it was 9 years old.

Meanwhile, in the case of Moreno (who got married in 2019), adds the magazine, the maximum penalty he could pay is 20 years. That means that the case will prescribe on October 7, 2021, when 10 years have passed since she was accused of being responsible for the death of her partner at the University of the Andes.

Justice is against the clock and the worst thing is that there does not seem to be a way for the case to be resolved. The media says that the magistrates of the Court They are waiting for the rapporteur to present the project to their colleagues to resolve the appeal, but nothing has happened and they have just under a year to clarify the death of Colmenares.

Meanwhile, uncertainty grows for the victim’s family. Luis Alfonso Colmenares, father of Luis Andrés, gave his opinion in El Tiempo on the delay of the magistrates:

“We are waiting for there to be a decision, I have made the effort to be calm in that, and I am interpreting this delay as that the Court is doing its job objectively, evaluating all the evidence that was provided by the parties that intervened, and in the end, if that is valued like this, (…) the decision will be different ”.

These words of the father are motivated because, in his opinion, the court that acquitted the young women, and the other students accused of covering up the death, did not assess all the evidence, which for the family shows murder. Among them is a round wound on the young man’s body, which would confirm that he received a bottle, which was one of the many hypotheses, which also the father reacted.

For this reason, Colmenares Sr. also took time to talk about the pain of Oneida Escobar, his partner and the young man’s mother, who has suffered the loss of the young man like no one else. In fact, he said that the whole month of October is very difficult at home “because many memories come back” and his wife “locks herself in all month”, and it is a situation that they have learned to respect.

For now, all the parties involved in the case are still waiting for the possible guilt of the engineering students to be definitively resolved and that justice can finally clarify whether Luis Andrés Colmenares died due to the fall into the El Virrey pipe, as it was said in the initial decision, or if he was beaten to death.


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