News Cologne: Brings are in Corona crisis before their first...

Cologne: Brings are in Corona crisis before their first drive-in concert

Cologne –

“I’ve never played in front of cars in my life. How does that work? Do people honk or turn on the lights if they like something? ”Asked Peter Brings when he examined the area of ​​the drive-in cinema on Frankfurter Strasse in Porz on Tuesday afternoon. There he will be on stage with his band Brings on two evenings (April 17th and 18th) next week. In times of the Corona crisis, it will be the first public live concert in Germany and Europe without zoom, Skype or Facetime and, according to the singer, “a signal of joie de vivre in these difficult times”.

This possibility was actually out of the question in the Corona crisis. Everywhere such events have been canceled and postponed for weeks. But with the reopening of the German drive-in cinemas last week – films have been flickering on the screen in Porz since last Friday – Brings drummer Christian Blüm sensed a gap.

Band praises cooperation with the city of Cologne

His suggestion to play in the drive-in theater was equally well received by the Brings colleagues, and band manager Stefan Kleinehr was commissioned to explore the options for implementation. “I’ve been on the phone from Düsseldorf almost continuously for a week,” reveals the latter. Finally, Kleinehr has his office in the state capital and is also vice president of the Carnevals committee there.

“The cooperation with the city director Stephan Keller and the employees of the Cologne city administration – above all from the regulatory and environmental offices – was excellent,” praised Kleinehr. “Everyone wanted our idea to become reality despite the necessary conditions.”

“A really great thing”

Drive-in operator Heiko Desch was right there: “This project is a great thing. We have to get it right. ”We are now planning a 90-minute concert with a few encores. “So not much longer than a normal movie,” it says. The drive-in permits 250 vehicles, each with two adults and one child up to 14 years. The sound is then sent to the cars via an in-house frequency of the cinema.

Mayor Henriette Reker had also welcomed the Brings initiative and explained on Facebook that such a concert in the drive-in cinema was now a “caress for the Cologne soul”. But not only soul and soul should be caressed, the musicians also want to collect donations. “The proceeds from the first concert will be donated to an institution of the university clinic in favor of the nursing staff,” announces Peter Brings.

Cards already available

Concert goers and musician colleagues can also participate. Henning May, the singer of AnnenMayKannteit, whom Brings had asked for a short appearance, had already canceled it, but promised to throw 20,000 euros in the donation pot. Peter Brings has meanwhile talked to university clinic professor Joachim E. Zöller – who is not only the dentist at Brings but also president of the large KG of 1823 – about how the money arrives directly at nurses and nurses without bureaucratic hurdles. “This group of people in particular is extremely important for society as a whole, but it is also extremely underpaid. Something urgently needs to change after the crisis. ”

Tickets for the Brings concerts cost 29 euros (adults) and 10 euros (children) – plus fees. Presale starts this Wednesday, April 8th, at 11 a.m. on the home page of the drive-in cinema.



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