Cologne Couple of: the dream of Florida with a Green Card by lottery

Cologne –

I have to press the thumb. I promised firmly. I have it up at 7. In June, the decision has been made. On this day, a Saturday, is Ira Hielscher your E-Mail Inbox is probably even more attentive eye than usual. Because if it should, finally, have with the Lotto winning worked out, you will notify you immediately in writing. “The chances are 1:45, for Europeans”, tells me the 49-Year-old, as we sit opposite us in the Cappuccino. “Not so very bad.”

Hielscher and her husband, dreaming not of million profit, and therefore sit not in front of the screen, if Saturday is in the evening, transmitted via Livestream the drawing of the lottery numbers. The couple would like to emigrate. To be able to in the future at the desired location in Cape Coral in Florida, you need a residence permit. And you can win once a year via the Green Card lottery.

Already into the EB5 Visa program is investing

“We try for ten years. But this year it has a special meaning, emphasizing Ira Hielscher. Of course, your emigration request is based not only on the eventual lottery luck. “We have already would have invested a significant amount in the EB5-Visa-program”, with the US government projects – such as construction projects or street – financed. The money invested must be at least six years before there was the Green Card.

Ira Hielscher, they live for 30 years in Cologne, told here for 20 years, a travel company specialized farms that have sold in the last year. After she completed a training as a surveyors in Florida and a license as a real estate agent for the U.S. have received Federal state, wait you now, that you could over there.

“Mercy date” with the immigration authorities

The last Time she had flown on Christmas eve 2019 in the direction of the USA and wanted to stay for three months. “Then Corona came, and we were not able to go back to Germany. All the flights were cancelled.“

If it would have gone to them, had Ira Hielscher and her husband even “chained to be able to stay”. Due to its limited tourist visa you could, however, not the case. Finally, you could have the immigration authorities a kind of “grace forward” and were “after hours of hearings, 30 days longer in the States to stay”.

“Why do you want to live so badly there?”, I ask and add: “that Is a terrible perspective will never again in November to experience continuous drizzle, but to see blue sky…”

Daily efforts to improve the American

“The weather makes a lot. The people are quiet, circumspect and satisfied there. Here you’re running after something.“ Hielscher smiles and tells of their daily efforts to improve your American, your pronunciation like a native speaker in the blade.

They liked her over the most, was each other. “People are much more open. The to go to you and rejoice with you when you do something New you. This is not such an envy society, as it is here.“

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