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This Tuesday, in his daily program ‘Prevention y Acción’, President Iván Duque made an important announcement about the country’s strategies to fight the covid-19 pandemic.

The head of state reported that Colombia “was selected, within the six countries of the region, so that with WHO and PAHO we can do trials doctors of possible vaccine developments “against covid-19.

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The Minister of Health, Fernando Ruíz, explained that “there are many initiatives by different pharmaceutical companies to test their vaccines, but in this case it is the World Health Organization, which will select the three most promising vaccines and of those it will carry out clinical trials in 20 countries of the world, of which six are in the Americas. “

This is a milestone. Colombia is recognized as a leading country in health

As was known, in each of the six countries of the region (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador and Colombia) the three vaccines will be tested on 4,400 volunteers and, after three to six months of its application, it is expected to obtain results to know which are the most effective.

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“This is a very important milestone, in which it is recognized that Colombia is a country of leadership in health, where there is a capacity for research, recruitment, and management of people and volunteers that is not found in all countries in the world,” highlighted the Minister Ruíz.

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In addition to this, it was recently known that the country signed the agreement with Covax for the acquisition of vaccines to combat the coronavirus, with which it is intended to obtain at least 10 million doses for Colombia.

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