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Colombians returning from the US today. must enter mandatory quarantine – Government – Politics

Little by little, Colombians who were stranded abroad due to the closure of borders have been returning to the country.

To the 112 compatriots who were trapped in Lima, Peru, and who returned in the last hours, 114 come from Fort Lauderdale, United States, on Wednesday.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Claudia Blum, and the director of Migration Colombia, Juan Francisco Espinosa, reported that this Wednesday, these people who were in Florida returned to the country and were part of the consular registry of people as temporary travelers who they had required support for his eventual return to the country.

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The transfer is possible thanks to a commercial flight that has an entry authorized by the Government due to exceptional humanitarian reasons, taking into account the measures that Colombia has taken to prevent the spread of the covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the plane will in turn transport US citizens, who will return to their country.

The Foreign Ministry reported that returning Colombians must comply with a protocol established by Colombian Migration, which includes mandatory preventive isolation in the city of Bogotá., and they were also notified of the administrative and criminal implications of not complying with the quarantine measure.

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Similarly, once in Colombia, the nationals will be evaluated by the health authorities to validate that they do not have symptoms associated with the virus, and then move to the places where they will pass the isolation in the country’s capital, which will be rigorously verified by the competent authorities.

In general, the flight and its passengers must comply with the controls and prevention measures established in Legislative Decree 439 of 2020 for this type of exceptional flights authorized for humanitarian reasons.

Chancellor Claudia Blum confirmed that the Ministry will continue to support and guide Colombians who are abroad, through its different embassies and consulates.

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, Blum revealed that by the beginning of this week, there were 3,642 Colombians in need, according to the census done at 73 consulates where they have come to ask for help.

“There are 3,642 compatriots with different needs, including shelter and food. We have begun to rotate resources and request a budget of $ 14.57 billion from the Minhacienda so that consulates and embassies can provide temporary assistance for subsistence while their return is possible. We await those resources, as soon as possible, ”he told this newspaper.

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