Nassib Neme is aware of the lawsuit against Independiente del Valle, Pinos and the Federation in Ecuador. “Sur y Norte is not a club, it does not exist,” he says, giving the Sabalero lawyer the right.

FIFA: What about Conmebol? TXT> The news of the day in Ecuador, reflected by the media in that country, is that FIFA itself is opening a file against Federico Egas to permanently displace him from the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation (FEF). It must be remembered that Colón’s complaint is in the Conmebol Appeals Committee.Credit: Archive

Exclusive: the president of the powerful Emelec agrees with Columbus: “South and North is a rubber stamp” Nassib Neme is aware of the sabala complaint against Independiente del Valle, Pinos and the Federation in Ecuador. “Sur y Norte is not a club, it does not exist,” he says, giving the Sabalero lawyer the right. Nassib Neme is aware of the lawsuit against Independiente del Valle, Pinos and the Federation in Ecuador. “Sur y Norte is not a club, it does not exist,” he says, giving the Sabalero lawyer the right.

In the hours after El Litoral’s exclusive interview with Nassib Neme, president of the powerful club Emelec —one of Ecuador’s biggest and most historic clubs— it was learned that FIFA will open a file against Francisco Egas to permanently remove him from the Ecuadorian Federation. Football (FEF).

—You as a club Emelec recently issued a harsh statement against Egas and his lawyer …

The extensive statement is directly related to the intervention of Mr. Egas’s lawyer on a television channel and is very extensive and explanatory. The controversy is somewhat personalized and it could not be otherwise, since the character did it in a personal capacity in this kind of threats to the presidents of Ecuadorian clubs. We owe ourselves to the clubs, the fans and we represent clubs that mostly represent millions of supporters. So, a lawyer from the Republic cannot threaten us publicly and that is why the statement.

—What does Emelec, a large club in Ecuador, want?

“We seek to put truth where there was error.” If a common Ecuadorian watched the interview, ignoring the statutes, he could be influenced by the story in the wrong way due to the legality of the sports system in this country. The letter was motivated to make precisions. Example: the Directory is the one that appoints the President and not a Congress as he erratically assured it. The Congress was convened with a single purpose: to know what the Directory had resolved and this is the power of the football clubs and associations.

—It seems like a no-brainer president

—It is that Congress does not have the capacity to designate a president: here in Ecuador, Congresses do not elect a president or vice president; they elect a Directory that meets the same day or the next day to designate their authorities. This had to be explained.

You have to read

—It is public knowledge that, for the “Pinos Case”, University Technician goes to the TAS in FIFA and Colón to the Conmebol, in both cases pointing to the responsibility and complicity of the Ecuadorian Federation that Egas presided.

—Yes, I’ve read it on the news

– Is it customary in your country that a lawyer, as in the case of Dr. Andrés Olguín, is the lawyer for both parties: the Ecuadorian Federation of Soccer and the Independent of Valle?

—Look, there are many unconventional things that have been seen in the Federation’s procedure: I am not going to classify them as legal or illegal, because I have no evidence to affirm something conclusive.

—But it is very rare, it attends from both sides of the counter as we say here in Argentina …

—Yes … the modes are unconventional and have to do with the appointments that certain characters executed. These decisions, I insist “unconventional”, that were made this past year led to all lawsuits against the Federation that I do not remember in the last 10 or 12 years. They will know what they did, who they hired as lawyers. From what I remember, in the last 12 years, except for FIFA-Gate, there is no evidence whatsoever as to what happened with the demands against the Federation in FIFA, TAS and Conmebol. If it is happening now it is because there will be reasons.

—Why is there almost no relationship between Emelec and Independiente del Valle?

—Independiente del Valle is a new club, barely ten years old in the First Division. There has been a very deep relationship and it can happen. With the vast majority we do it: lend players, sell, buy. As long as there is institutional respect, personal distances don’t matter to me.

—University Technician at FIFA and Colón at Conmebol point to Independiente del Valle for the Pinos case

—The truth: I am not involved in the subject and I even feel a little unfamiliar with the situation, as I have not been able to show relevant documentation that allows me to form an idea. What I can say is that the University Technical Club does not do any of the irregularities that it was accused of at the time: what’s more, I reject them outright, because I know these people and are not capable of acting in a bad way, something that his lawyer distorted and came out very well in the Ordinary Justice of Ecuador.

—There is a third club involved in the Pinos Case: South and North

“South and North Club?” I found out that it existed when this controversy started. I did not know that this club exists, I presume it is a rubber stamp, there is no evidence that this club exists either as a football team or as a sports institution. I can tell you that.

—What a soap opera !: three clubs from Ecuador, complaint of a pass, FIFA, Conmebol

—What I know, because I did hear this, is that the goalkeeper Pinos assured that he had a three-year contract with Técnico Universitario but then all this arose. As we do not have physical evidence, it is difficult for us as an institution – Emelec being – to make a pronouncement about it.

—Your support to University Technician is total

—It is that we know the seriousness with which University Technician is handled and we have no doubt that what could be part of a claim by which they feel affected in every way and consider their legal strategy fair.

—The last one: Dr. Guillermo Saltos, trustee of the Federation, is a member of the Appeals Committee of Conmebol where the complaint is made by Colón against Independiente del Valle and warned that he is going to excuse this ruling for his Ecuadorian nationality

—I didn’t know

—As president of Emelec, can you give me references to Dr. Saltos?

Saltos is a prestigious sports lawyer: if he excuses himself it is for obvious reasons, I cannot argue much more about it. He did not know that he could be part of the Chamber that could air the case and he did it because of an elementary principle: being an Ecuadorian lawyer and intervening clubs from the same country, he has no choice but to excuse himself. His reputation is quite serious and for that seriousness, he prefers to be left out of the case.

Complicated Ecuador: FIFA intervenes

The sports site today titled: “FIFA would open a file with Francisco Egas and prevent him from continuing to function”, yet another argument in favor of the irregularities denounced by Colón.

“ was able to learn that FIFA would open a file with Francisco Egas, current president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation. The opening of the file would prevent Egas from continuing in his functions as principal of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, ”they explain. FIFA would take this exemplary action to set a global precedent and that such actions are not repeated among its affiliates.

“We had a relationship with the managers of Colón when we brought Guanca, something that went very well for us: he was a scorer with 21 goals and we wanted him to stay. A proposal from Turkey emerged, very convenient for the player and there arises a small controversy with Columbus, which was quickly clarified: we released him and he went to Turkey ”Nassib Neme, President of Emelec


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