Independent of the Valley

Colón could claim the 2019 South American Cup title that he lost to Independiente Del Valle 3-1 in that only final played in La Olla de Asunción, last November.

The instance is opened to the Santa Fe institution as a result of the claim of the Technical University club, of Ecuador, before the TAS, arguing that the goalkeeper Jorge Pinos acted illegally in the entire competition for Independiente del Valle.

The plaintiff Ecuadorian entity wants Independiente del Valle and Pinos himself to be sanctioned for having omitted the contract that the University had with the gatekeeper.

After 11 months, the TAS convened the parties for next Tuesday, starting at 3:00 p.m. (Swiss time), to appear in a virtual hearing, a traditional modality in times of the coronavirus pandemic, according to what is reflected by Santa Fe media .

If the highest court, whose resolutions are unappealable, grants the reason to the University Technician, the “sabalera” leadership would proceed legally to claim for that title.

Source: Télam


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