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Although he lost the final against Independiente del Valle, a complaint indicates that the goalkeeper of the Technical University team of Ecuador played the entire championship irregularly. The Colón de Santa Fe club from Argentina denounced the incident as “sports fraud.”

As published by the portal, Colón de Santa Fe was closer to claiming the 2019 South American Cup title that he lost to Independiente del Valle de Ecuador (3-1), in the only final played in Asunción on November 9, after a new instance opened by Conmebol while awaiting the ruling of the International Arbitration Tribunal (CAS). Along with the virtual hearing that the TAS held this week as a result of the claim of the Ecuadorian club Technical University, which exhibited documentation to affirm that goalkeeper Jorge Pinos acted illegally in the entire competition for Independiente del Valle, now Conmebol opens another door to the illusion of the Sabalero team.

The reasons for this illusion are two and very powerful: it would be the first international title for the rojinegro and an important sum of extra money, the difference that goes between the prize of the champion -4 million dollars- and the runner-up, who received half of that figure.

In this context, the University Technician will be cited as a “mandatory witness” for Colón: the Conmebol Appeals Committee asked the Ecuadorian club that denounces Pinos to provide documents to support the Sabalera protest.

Conmebol’s hearing will be after the TAS ruling is known, which could come out in the coming weeks.

Colón had requested months ago, before the coronavirus pandemic, the figure of “Hearing of Parties”, before moving on to the ruling of the Appeals Committee, a point that Conmebol accepted from Luis Hilbert, lawyer for the Santa Fe entity. But that hypothetical face-to-face meeting between the parties was suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

After several months without news, the University Technician received this week an official notification from Conmebol, in which he was advised that the club must appear “as a mandatory witness in the case of Colón de Santa Fe, where the Argentine club denounces sports fraud”. said Xavier Freyre, lawyer of the plaintiff entity to the radio FM 96.7, of Santa Fe.

“They ask us to officially provide all the documents we have on the Pinos case, something that costs us nothing, neither time nor work, because we have just validated them at the TAS in Switzerland. If they asked us for those papers tomorrow, we would have them all, as well as the videos, the opinions of the graphological experts before each firm and the payment vouchers, “said Xavier Freyre, Técnico’s lawyer.

Before playing in the team that beat Colón, Pinos was enrolled in a team of Ecuadorian ascent, South and North, in which he never played, in a typical action of “pass bridge and fraud” that FIFA prohibits and severely punishes .

The TAS listened to the parties this week in a virtual audience and according to the leaders of Técnico Universitario told the Ecuadorian press, “Independiente del Valle and Pinos himself were very badly offended, who joined the audience without being summoned and who did not have answers to the precise questions of the court, “said the newspaper Trade.

In this context, there was a strong confrontation between the University Technician and Ecuaf Fútbol, ​​because the entity aligned itself from the first minute of the claim with the president of Independiente del Valle, the powerful businessman Franklin Tello, of the KFC Group, owner of several supermarkets and shopping centers.

If the TAS, whose resolutions are unappealable, agrees to the claim of the University Technician, the colonist leadership would have a strong legal basis to claim the title of the South American Cup.

Colón, for his part, claimed so far only at Conmebol, where he had an adverse result in the first instance last year when protesting “improper alignment.”

So far, the Sabalera leadership shows a strict low profile on the issue and a close friend of President José Vignatti told Telam that “no triumphalist phrase will come from the club” until the final ruling is known.

After the TAS hearing, the Sabalero insisted before the Appeals Committee, which now decided to give air to the claim in what will be the last instance within Conmebol.

On the side of Independiente del Valle, lawyer Andrés Holguín was optimistic: “It’s okay, Pinos’ intervention before the CAS was brilliant and now we await the court’s ruling,” he said. (D)

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