Colorful world instead of blue wonder (

Cottbus: Colorful world instead of a blue wonder

Photo: dpa / Bernd Settnik

»Cottbus remains German« – this slogan was to be read at demonstrations of the asylum-hostile association »Zukunft Heimat«.

But Cottbus has another name. In Lower Sorbian, the city is called Chóśebuz. She has never been so completely German. It has the roots and traditions of a Slavic minority, once the majority in the area, and takes care of it, is proud of it. This is a homeland love free of hate.

The slogan “Cottbus remains German” is different. This slogan sows absurd doubts that Cottbus may become Arab or otherwise if the population does not resist the influx of refugees. To stir up people against people in a city where men and women from all over the world study at the Technical University, and which is not far from the Polish border, is not evidence of homeland love, but of an insatiable thirst for power. Let's face it: what else should be German and then stay German?

The bad thing is that the right-wing scene in Cottbus has come so far that the AfD could actually become the strongest force in the city parliament in the local elections on 26 May. “For the AfD, it looks good,” regrets left-fraction leader André Kaun. “It would be good if they go to the polls and tick a democratic party that does not want that.”

Cottbus / Chóśebuz is still a beautiful city. Whether she will stay that way will decide a little bit this Sunday at the municipal election. The voters have it in their hands, whether they like it colorful or want to experience their blue wonder.

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