ColorOS 11 enhances the gaming experience at Reno5 F

Because it is already running ColorOS 11, the Reno5 F is a more reliable gaming device than its predecessor

ColorOS 11 is the latest proprietary operating system OPPO which has a lot to offer. Starting from improving performance, power efficiency, extensive personalization, to providing an enhanced gaming experience.

For devices that are already running ColorOS 11, you will definitely get some benefits from the features offered by OPPO’s latest operating system. One example is the recently launched Reno5 F series. This also makes the Reno5 F a more reliable gaming device than its predecessor.

ColorOS 11 has modes Game Focus. They have actually developed this feature for a long time. The presence of this feature will provide a minimal distraction gaming experience. This feature can block or disable the notification bar, incoming calls, navigation gestures, alarms, and even volume instructions on the screen. The goal is that this feature is designed to reduce distractions which will increase the fun while playing.

ColorOS 11 also introduces a new feature called mode Gaming Shortcut. Popular games on mobile devices take up a lot of memory. Not to mention that a device takes time to load a game until it’s ready to play. With Gaming Shortcut, OPPO devices running ColorOS 11 can shorten game loading times, so users don’t have to wait long. This feature works by saving a virtual memory of the games you play frequently. This makes the game loading process shorter.

Then there is Game Floating Window. This feature allows the OPPO Reno5 F device to open games in a floating window, while opening other applications or doing other things. The idea is similar to a split screen, but this feature supports game applications. While waiting for the enemy to think, the user can do other things in the middle of a chess match.

An equally important feature is Bullet Screen Message. If previously the user could choose to turn off incoming message notifications, there is a possibility that the user will alert the incoming message. With this feature, users can select messages from certain applications so that they can be read in a quite interesting way, namely scrolling from the right of the screen to the left with a transparency effect so that it doesn’t cover the screen and interfere with the excitement while playing.

Users can also maximize the gaming experience by configuring Game Space. This feature has a mode setting Competition which promises a smoother gaming experience. You can also record your game play sessions without having to download a third-party application, then just upload it to your social media account.

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