Colors of the homeland | A rare coin, if you own it, will earn 59 thousand pounds.. Look for the year of issuance

Old coins always attract many people who prefer to keep them either for the purpose of collecting valuable and rare collectibles, or for the purpose of selling them at various auctions for profit, as ancient coins of various types are antiques and have a very wide market.

The price varies ancient coins Depending on the date of issuance, its condition and the serial number printed on it, the price of one coin may reach about 1000 pounds, and the price of the same currency may reach 300 pounds, and the difference is its condition and number.

Popularity of royal era coins

Many people flock to acquire coins dating back to the royal and ancient eras that are no longer issued because they are rare, which is the most popular in the currency markets.

There is a royal coin rare If you own it, you can win between 15 thousand Egyptian pounds and about 60 thousand pounds, by offering it for sale on “e bay” in an electronic auction, as many lovers of old money are looking for it, according to the British newspaper “The Sun”.

A rare royal coin that will make you win thousands of pounds

The rare coin is known as “Kew Gardens 50p” or “Kew Gardens”, a 50-pence coin, and it is one of the most famous rare coins, and 210,000 of them were put into circulation in 2009, and were previously sold in an online auction for £707, i.e. About 15,243.30 Egyptian pounds, and it has been sold 284 times so far, and it is one of the most searched and popular rare coins for ancient coin enthusiasts.

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A rare version of the royal coin, worth 59 thousand pounds

There is a very rare version of this coin, but in gold. If you own a gold coin, you can earn 2,751 pounds, or about 59,313 Egyptian pounds, and there are only 1,000 pieces of that coin.

Antique dealer: Find the year of issue

An antique coin dealer revealed that people who want to sell coins should check their scarcity and evaluate their condition, in addition to knowing the year of issue and serial number: “The value of rare coins with errors can reach thousands of pounds, as the nature of an error Production means that it will likely have been produced in low numbers as well, and if you think you might have a rare coin and are looking to sell it.”

He added: “You can compare other rare coins on eBay to see how much was sold for reference, bearing in mind that the buyer could have withdrawn after the auction ended, which means that the coin will not actually sell for the price it says,” according to the British newspaper.


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