Colosium. Audios reveal torture of Mario Aburto from detention Grupo Milenio

Mario Aburto Martinez, the confessed murderer of Luis Donaldo Colosio denounced from the first minutes of his arrest, that he was being tortured by the authorities who detained him after the murder of the PRI candidate.

an audio which is part of judicial case 41/94 and is found in a box with more evidence of the case in the First District Court for Criminal Proceedings in the State of Mexico, rreveals through 12 minutes, the dialogue between Aburto Martínez and two agents whose names are unknown.

This audio becomes relevant in the context that the current Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) has reopened the case, before the recommendation of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) of alleged violations during the first hours of the detention of Aburto andn Tijuana.

MILLENNIUM has managed to reconstruct what the first minutes of his detention were like, where he denounced two agents that he was being tortured, despite this, the special sub-prosecutor for the Colosio case determined that there was no evidence of torture and left it recorded in the Report of the Investigation of the homicide of the Lawyer Luis Donaldo Colosio published in the year 2000.

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He tells them that he knows that the easiest thing to do is to shoot him and say that he tried to escape.

—Since we are going to shoot you, what we want is for you to talk, you understand it as an investigator. Think about it if you were a researcher, you’re not even crazy.

Mario Aburto: —That is why they are torturing me and there is no need for them to torture me so that I can speak.

Police: —No one is going to torture you!

Mario Aburto: —And what did they do to me right now?…

Police: — Who tortured you? Tell us who he is and we’ll put him there.

Mario Aburto: —…I already told you that I’m going to cooperate.

Mario Aburto He goes on to say that when he gets to Mexico City they are going to beat him, to which they reply that now they are very professional, there is a thorough investigation and that things have changed.

Through audios like this, conversations and interviews, MILLENNIUM conducted an investigation produced by Podimo, an audio entertainment subscription service that offers original podcasts and is betting on investigative journalism in Mexico.

Historical Lie: Colosio case tour the murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio, candidate for the presidency of Mexico in 1994, through the only one convicted of the crime,

Mario Aburto Martinez, who, despite having confessed his authorship, has changed his version and has now requested that his case be reopened for the alleged torture he suffered on March 23, 1994 in Tijuana.

Every week through an episode they will be able to know the contradictions, the express investigation already Mario Aburto Martinez as well as the mechanisms through which power constructs its lies.

Through this portal and the page you will be able to follow all the episodes of this journalistic investigation that began after publication of MILLENNIUM, and after the family of Mario Aburto Martinez make sure he was missing. This marked the beginning of the reopening of the case.


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