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Name of the book: Come call upon the Lord
Author: Nadeem Ahmed Mir
Publisher: Wooler Publishing House
Published: January 2023
Price: 150
Pages: 112
Observer: Ghazi Sohail Khan

Du’a is an expression of our love for Allah Ta’ala, a sign of our obedience to His glory, a sign of our trust in His knowledge and power, and a proof of our faith and acknowledgment in His Most High. It is in a hadith. That prayer is the weapon of Muslims, the pillar of religion and the light of the heavens and the earth. Hopelessness and despair surrounds him and no ray of hope is seen, then he becomes the great support and weapon of a believer. But today we see that our young generation does not try to seek help from prayers, but tries to find a cure for every sorrow and problem with external and material support. has compiled a beautiful booklet called “Come Call on the Lord” to teach children and youth the importance of prayer. The said book has been arranged by the said person with great interest. This book consists of 112 pages. The book’s foreword, commentary, preface and case have been written by scholars of the subcontinent. In the attribution of the book, the author writes, “In the name of my dear parents, whose love runs in my soul like blood, and this feeling is my life.” The names of my benefactors who made me know Islam, the favorite religion of the One and Only God, and taught me to follow it.” Collected. The literal meaning of prayer, the reality of prayer, Quranic prayers, Masnoon prayers, prayers for grief and happiness, prayers for health and illness, prayers for travel, morning and evening prayers, etc. He has not presented an excellent material. In the foreword, Zaki-ul-Rahman Ghazi Madani writes, “In the chapter of prayer, it should be understood that prayer is the weapon of a believer, but any weapon is effective only when the one who carries it has strength and power.” Ability should be found. If the weapon is flawless and the arm that carries it is strong and powerful and there is no hindrance, then it must be eaten face to face. But if even one of the things is not found in the weapon If there is a defect, or the arm is paralyzed or there is an obstacle, then the weapon becomes ineffective. This is the situation of prayer. Due to the weakness of faith, they also complain to Allah and that desire to ask for more supplications is reduced. In the same passage, he says, “A man thinks that my supplication has not been accepted, but he does not know how much trouble has been avoided in return, and sometimes it happens that what is asked for is granted.” It is not given because that thing could be harmful to his destiny. He asks for a position or a position or prays for wealth. Allah Almighty knows very well that his capacity cannot afford these things. “
Therefore, the book is well organized and this book will prove to be very useful for the youth, especially the students of the schools if it is taught there. In the book, full and honest references to the sources have been given, while trying to present the authentic things. The size of the book, the cover patch, is very beautiful. An excerpt from an article by . If this book is taught as a curriculum in the valley’s schools, I hope that the importance and greatness of prayer will sit in the hearts of children. The book is organized in a concise and comprehensive manner. Must be used. You can get the book by contacting this number. 8082130273. Contact number of the reviewer is 7006715103


Weekly Dawat – Issue 02 April to 08 April 2023

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