Come on shopping! Sri Mulyani Asks People to Buy Lebaran Clothes


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati asked the public to continue to welcome Eid with great joy. Even though it is still overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this once a year moment is said to still be celebrated with health protocols.

Sri Mulyani said shopping activities ahead of Eid, such as buying new clothes, had to be carried out. This is so that economic activity continues.

“There is a good thing about Lebaran to keep on wearing new clothes, buying new clothes so that even though Zoom will wear new clothes so that activity in the community can occur. So I hope the community will still welcome this happily, with gratitude, but we also keep the risk of transmission from occurring. , “he said in a press conference for the April 2021 edition of the National Budget, Thursday (22/4/2021).

Moreover, the government will prepare a National Shopping Day (Harbolnas) program ahead of Lebaran. Even though people are asked not to go home, they can still share with loved ones.

“Even though we did not find it, we can still send gifts to those you care about in our place of origin and now with various kinds of digital technology it is possible,” he said. Sri Mulyani.

On the same occasion, Deputy Minister of Finance Suahasil Nazara said the Harbolnas program would cooperate with e-commerce to be able to deliver goods to their destination.

“Even though I don’t go home, I can send parcels and later platform “We will work together to send parcels or items so they can reach family relatives, friends before Eid,” he added.

(aid / ara)


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