Comedians in cars who take coffee back to Netflix on July 19th

Oh, good a good car for once. Photo credit: Netflix

By Jerry Seinfeld Comedians drive to get coffee, the show in which he collects a comedian and brings them to the coffee in a car sometimes perfect / sometimes combustible, usually framed around his interpretation of his personality, will return with new episodes to his relatively new home in Netflix next month.

This season will feature a cast including Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Seth Rogen, Bridget Everett, Martin Short, Matthew Broderick and Melissa Villaseñor, with previous guests Barry Marder, Mario Joyner, Sebastian Maniscalco and Ricky Gervais returning to the show. Also a Carrera GT.

The eleventh season will be available for streaming on Netflix starting July 19, although many of the episodes of the previous seasons have been compiled into five groups after switching to the Netflix platform in 2017, in case I was confused as I was.

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