comes to an end: no more first-half titles for Nintendo 3DS


The era of the Nintendo 3DS portable console over 8 years seems to be on the verge of extinction. Although initially the gaming system will be officially supported, this year will not be released new first-hand titles for the portable console.

According to Kotaku, the Japanese company did not propose new games for Nintendo 3DS in its recent investor briefing. The mobile console was not even mentioned here. According to a manufacturer's spokesperson, Nintendo currently has "nothing new to announce for top-quality 3DS software".
However, Nintendo confirms that the new software will come from third-party publishers. It can be assumed that these will only be individual games. Last year, the group expected to sell four million games for 3DS and 2DS. In fact, around 201 million copies have found a buyer in 2018. In 2019, one million games must be stopped.

Disconnected from the Nintendo Switch

The reason why Nintendo neglects 3DS and 2DS is obvious. The switch, which has been available for two years and is quite successful, can also be used as a mobile console and also offers many technical advantages.

This year, another variant of Nintendo Switch could be launched on the market. It will only work as a handheld console because Joy-Con controllers cannot be disconnected from the console. This should be the successor to Nintendo 3DS and 2DS act. It is likely that the company will present these innovations at E3 2019 in Los Angeles.

Game console, handheld, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo 3DS XL
Game console, handheld, Nintendo 3Ds, Nintendo 3DS XL

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