Comet ‘Leonard’ will brush the Earth and can be admired with the naked eye

The month of December will have a surprising natural event, it is the comet ‘Leonard’, which will pass a short distance from planet Earth. The star circles the orbit every 80 thousand years.

The comet’s trajectory can be viewed on December 12 at 8:54 am (Colombian time).

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For its part, NASA asserted that the circulation of ‘Leonard’ extends beyond the planet Neptune, for this reason, it takes thousands of years to surround the sun.

Likewise, experts point out that The comet was seen for the first time on January 3 from the Mount Lemmon Observatory, in Arizona, United States.

While, National Geographip’s science program, specified:

β€œWeather permitting, ‘Leonard’ can be seen before sunrise. On January 3, 2022, he will continue his journey to the confines of the Solar System, a visit that will not be repeated for about 80,000 years. “

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