Comico, 52, was terrorized by SCALE for 40 years

A comedian finally overcame his 40-year-old "phobia" after claiming that his fear was so intense that he lost his vacation, he skipped school and even lost his virginity.

Richard Smith, 52, was terrified of childish heights, but he did not discover he had batmophobia – the specific fear of the stairs – until he was about forty-five years old.

For decades, the writer from Boston, Lincolnshire, has felt held back by his "restrictive" condition, which he even concealed from his wife Christine.

But in 2014 Mr. Smith was forced to face his phobia when he was instructed to write a book about England's first hot air balloon pilot James Sadler.

After being invited to drive in a hot air balloon as part of his research, Mr. Smith eventually underwent therapy to overcome his fear, which is also said that President Donald Trump suffers.

Now healed of his phobia, Mr. Smith can climb stairs or stand on a balcony with ease.

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Richard Smith finally overcame his 40-year-old "phobia" of scales after claiming that his fear was so intense that he lost his vacation, he skipped school and even lost his virginity

President Trump's voices suffering from batmophobia – the specific fear of the stairs – emerged after being photographed holding hands with Prime Minister Theresa May. Washington DC sources claimed to have an aversion to downhills and grabbed their hand for fear

Mr. Smith, who now lives in Oxford, said: "My phobia of unknown scales has imposed my day to day most of my life." It was very restrictive.

"I kept people hidden because I was too embarrassed about this, it was an excessive sense of shame.

"I knew it would not be useful, but I was ashamed and reluctant to ask for help."

Mr. Smith believes his fear began when he fell down the stairs at home just three years.


Bathmophobia is the alleged fear of slopes or stairs.

It is not an officially recognized condition due to the fact that it does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

This manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and is used to diagnose psychiatric disorders.

Many experts think that batmophobia may be a greater fear of height.

Or it can happen if a person has had a bad experience with the stairs, for example by falling off as a child.

President Trump's voices of batmophobia emerged for the first time after being photographed holding Prime Minister Theresa May by the hand.

Government sources in Washington DC have said that Tump has an aversion to the inclines and scales and may have grabbed the Prime Minister's hand for fear, the BBC reported.

Trump also tweeted in 2014: "The way President Obama runs down the stairs of the Air Force 1, hopping and bobbing to the hilt, is so inelegant and un-presidential.

& # 39; Do not fall. & # 39;

Mr. Trump opened his fear of germs in his 1997 book The Art of Return, in which he called the hand shaking a "curse of American society".

The dott. Abigael San, a chartered clinical psychologist in northern London, said that this form of DOC can go hand in hand with batophobia due to the fact that both are a sign of anxiety.

But it was not until a school trip to a local eight-year-old castle realized how serious his condition was.

"I had absolutely loved the castles, but on this trip I kept trying to climb the stairs, but I just could not get up, & # 39; Smith said.

"I realized that I was not physically able to climb the stairs, I could not move my feet and I was very agitated, I realized then that I was terrified by the stairs.

"In the end, a teacher pulled me aside to ask me what was wrong and I became very upset and emotional."

While at school, Mr. Smith was laughed at by other children and frequently jumped lessons that would lead him to resize any height.

"I could not stand on a stool, on a ladder or on frames to climb," he said.

"I remember stopping doing PE when it was going to be a gym based on the gym walls, it was very difficult and humiliating for me.

"I always avoided things like swimming and jumping, I've never done any of this.

"I had security strategies. If we went to the sea I would not go to see the view from the cliffs ".

Mr. Smith even refused the possibility of losing virginity as a teenager after a girl tried to lure him to a tower.

"Once when I was 15, a girl told me to follow her to the top of a water tower. But I could not climb the tower ladder, so nothing happened, "he said.

And when he finally had a conversation with another girl he liked, his heart sank when he watched her walk up the school bus stairs.

Even after meeting his current wife, Mr. Smith felt unable to be honest with her initially about her condition.

But Mr. Smith managed to gather the courage to propose them on a church roof while on vacation in the Netherlands.

"When I proposed, I wanted to evoke the courage to do it, but a passerby said I was absolutely terrified," he said.

"In the end, Catherine solved the problem by seeing how much she confused me every time she asked if we could go on holiday."

Mr. Smith was forced to face his phobia when he was instructed to write a book about England's first hot air balloon pilot James Sadler. After finally starting therapy in the mid-1940s, Mr. Smith can now climb up, or sit down the stairs, and stand on a balcony, with ease.

In 2014, Mr. Smith was finally forced to face his extreme fear of scales and heights after decades of avoiding social events where he might have to climb them.

"I received a balloon commission, so I thought I really needed to overcome the fear," he said.

Mr Smith has invited experts from all over the world to help him deal with his phobia.

"I had been to see a clinical psychologist at the University of Oxford and I found that being educated about my phobia helped me a lot," he said.

"A Dutch professor took me to a tower in Oxford and pushed me out of the railing, which made the trick, I was able to start climbing the stairs very quickly."

When he finally arrived in a balloon, Mr. Smith found the "cathartic" experience.

"For the first ten minutes I thought it was a dream and I did not want to peer over the basket," he said.

"I went up a church tower for the first time since I proposed to my wife this year and I saw the landscape, I spent most of my life losing sight."

Mr. Smith is talking to solicit others with a similar phobia to get help.

"The intervention tends to work efficiently and relatively quickly," he said. "Admit it, reject shame, suspend your security strategies and seek help!"

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