“Coming to Unión was an important step in my career” – El Eco

By Fernando Izquierdo, of this Writing

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On Friday in Sarandí, Juan Manuel García had his goal scorer baptism with the Unión de Santa Fe shirt.

The attacker from Tandil scored twice in the “Tatengue” 3-2 match against his former team, Arsenal, in a decisive match in the fight for second place in the Championship Phase that will be awarded by zone 1 of the Professional League Cup.

In pure optimism, García waited until the last moment for the possible mistake of goalkeeper Maximiliano Gagliardo before a harmless delivery from Franco Godoy and established the 1-1 partial from below the arc.

Already in the complement, with an unbalanced Arsenal, the former Santamarina ended an action in which the youthful Kevin Zenon showed off stealing and assisting with a cue.

García, who will leave tomorrow for Brazil with the Union squad to face, the next day, the knockout match of the Copa Sudamericana against Bahia, attended from Santa Fe to The Echo of Tandil to refer to his outstanding production the day before in Greater Buenos Aires:

In principle, he was “happy for the victory and for having made a difference with Arsenal in the fight to qualify for the Championship Phase. Personally, very satisfied for having scored my first two goals with the Union shirt. Too bad it was against Arsenal, which is a club that I love very much, so I couldn’t celebrate them ”.

-The first was pure optimism, betting that the goalkeeper could be wrong, as it finally happened.

-Yes. The court was half uneven and I sensed that the ball could sting badly. That happened, I had the rebound and I could put it.

-The second is born in a great move by Zenon.

-Clear. He stole the ball and faced. He listened to me as I passed around the back and, with a taco, left me alone. Luckily, I was able to score a goal that served to end the game with some ease.

-What priorities did you establish when playing the Copa Sudamericana simultaneously?

-In the Professional League Cup, our goal is to qualify for the Championship Phase. If we are given it, then we will see what else we are for. In the South American we go phase by phase, we know that each series is difficult, the rivals are important. We hope to achieve a good result on Tuesday in Brazil.

-Do you prefer to define in Santa Fe or as a visitor?

-I don’t have a clear idea about that. Against Emelec it was defined in Ecuador and we passed thanks to having scored more as visitors. It seems to me that the order of the home does not influence too much, the most important thing is what you do in the two games.

-With how even football is and after what they achieved in Ecuador they should not feel less than anyone else.

-Insurance. Those kinds of situations give you confidence. We know that we can win any game, we are achieving a good performance. We do not consider ourselves inferior to any rival.

-Have you taken references from Bahia?

-We talked a bit and watched the game he played yesterday (Friday, he lost 4-0 to Bragantino for Brasileirao). We will surely watch videos of other of their presentations to see how to raise it and discover what to hurt them with.

-Do you feel comfortable in Union? How did your arrival come about?

-I am very comfortable. Coming here is a great challenge for me and an important step in my career. Unión was interested in me once my contract with Arsenal ended. It seemed like a very good option to me, Unión is a club that has been doing things well for a long time. I am very happy to have an opportunity to grow. Today, I try to consolidate myself and continue growing soccer.

-With the addition that the club has an international presence, which usually opens many doors.

-Yes, it’s something very nice. I am having my first international experience. It makes me very happy and I want to use these games to keep improving. Hopefully we can continue advancing in the Sudamericana, a very important tournament for the people of the club.

-Are Azconzábal and Rondina comparable?

-Each technician has his forms. They are two very good coaches, who work a lot from the tactical point of view and are similar in the way they go looking for matches. I’m trying to get a good grasp on the idea of ​​”Vasco”, who has the idea of ​​going forward, something that is very good. We look forward to carrying it out.

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