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The CSU does everything possible to not scare anyone shortly before the local elections. This could mean the end of the wind farm in the forest

Fear is a bad advisor, as one saying goes. Only not the CSU, there the fear has recently a consultancy contract. There is no other explanation for the fact that the parliamentary group voted in favor of a public vote on wind turbines in the forest, despite obvious concerns. If the majority in the district council follow this vote, the wind power project is done. Because if you break down complex problems to yes-or-no questions, you get involved in playing with populists according to their rules, and you can only lose that.

If you don’t believe this, a look to England is recommended, where a noisy minority managed to win the Brexit vote by means of disinformation and lies. There was a little foretaste in the committee that something like this is at least not excluded in the wind power vote. Although the statements of the Lower Nature Conservation Authority and the Ebersberger Forst Conservation Association were critical and sometimes emotional, those of the Landscape Protection Ebersberger Land Association were a single tirade against wind power in itself and were only so – politely expressed – teeming with errors. It is true that District Administrator Robert Niedergesäß interrupted this and gave a counter-speech. But will he be able to do this every time and everywhere in the district if there is a similar mood against wind power in the coming months?

Martin Lechner’s speech showed that the problem is known in the CSU, who openly said that he expected to lose the citizens’ decision because the opponents could mobilize better. That he nevertheless voted in favor of the decision is because the party and its power in the CSU are still the greatest goods. A few weeks before the local elections, everyone wants to please everyone. Those who are in favor of wind turbines should take comfort in the fact that the CSU district councils are, too. If you are against it, there is a prospect of a referendum. Anyone who thinks this is a desperate maneuver is absolutely right. Local elections are a high-risk company for the CSU. The long-standing trend goes against absolute black majorities, recent developments such as the upswing of the Greens and the disagreement with classic electoral groups apparently cause the knees of some Christian socialists to shake.

However, wind power in the forest still has a very last chance. Finally, the district council can annul district district resolutions at any time and thus cancel the citizens’ decision. This would be possible if, after the election, there is a majority of committee members who have the courage to make decisions that not everyone likes.



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