Commisso-Montella, what a show. And Times Square turns purple: "Sfameremo Firenze" – La Gazzetta dello Sport


The new number one of the Tuscan club has organized a "show" in New York to formalize the confirmation of the Campanian technician: "There is a great desire to win something. Church? We haven't talked yet"

After the afternoon's formalization, Rocco Commisso and Vincenzo Montella presented themselves cheerful and smiling in Times Square, New York, as the "home" of the new purple president. Who prepared a small, big show for the journalists present and for the Sky cameras, lighting a part of a building on Times Square with violet while some Florentine fans peeped out singing choirs for the Tuscan club: "Our contact was energetic , engaging and volcanic "said the technician, just confirmed. "When we saw each other we kissed, hugged each other and told him one thing – the Italian-American entrepreneur says instead -. We must feed the people and the city of Florence. I was looking for you because there is so much desire to win something."

the society

"To go public on the stock exchange? – continues Commisso -. We have been on the stock exchange for 11 years. People go there when they need money, and we don't need them. Batistuta in company? Nothing has been decided, when we have decided I will tell you ".


This is how the new number one violates Federico Chiesa, a talent on the market that is attracted by the big names of Italy: "I have not spoken either with him or with his father". Regarding the market rumors that revolve around the attacker, Montella also intervenes: "He is a very strong player and can be completed again. It will depend on his aspirations". Finally, from Commisso, a comment on the purple ambitions: "Scudetto? Things are done one day at a time. In a year I will give you another answer".



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