Common misconceptions about scabies! Watch out for these symptoms

The ‘scabies’ disease, which can spread rapidly and is seen frequently, can become an important problem in people’s lives. About the disease that is resistant to treatment in some cases, Private Adatip Hospital Dermatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Teoman Erdem informed. Pointing out that ‘scabies’ can be seen in every part of the society, Erdem said, “The scabies is a very large disease caused by an invisible parasite called the sarcopt. itchingIt is a contagious skin disease. It can be seen in both sexes, at all ages, in all segments of society. scabies It is more common in public living areas such as schools, dormitories, barracks and nursing homes, due to the fact that it can cause epidemics. It is more severe in people whose immune system is suppressed. The disease is transmitted from person to person through close contact (such as sleeping in the same bed, use of common clothes, use of personal items such as bed linen or towels) in a contact period of 15-20 minutes. It is difficult to infect it with just a handshake” said.

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Stating that the most typical feature of the disease occurs 4-6 weeks after the ingestion of the parasite, it is severe itching, especially at night and in the heat. Dr. Teoman Erdem, “Itching is most commonly seen on the inside of the wrists, between the fingers, behind the ears, waist area, ankles, feet and hips. In men, especially the genital area, womanNipples in adults and palms and soles in children are typically involved. The most important symptom specific to the disease is the gray-white structures, 1-10 millimeters long, in which the parasite lives, which are most commonly seen on the inner surfaces of the wrist and between the fingers. The tunnel appears as a wavy or broken line. In addition, itching marks, small blisters and acne-like structures can be seen on the skin. he said.

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scabies treatmentStating that it should be applied to all individuals sharing the same living environment, even if some of them do not have active complaints, “Because it should not be forgotten that the disease can occur within 20-90 days after the parasite is ingested. The drugs applied to the skin should be applied to the entire skin area. All clothes and bedspreads that have been used in the last week should be washed and ironed at at least 60 degrees. Items that cannot be washed should be stored in a sealed bag for an average of one week. After the treatment is successful, it may take 2-6 weeks to heal the itching and the remaining skin lesions due to the disease. The treatment applied to the skin must be applied again after 15 days. As a final word, scabies sometimes shows resistance to treatment and patients resort to different inappropriate treatment options. This can lead to more irritation and increased itching of the skin. Scabies patients should definitely consult a doctor and use the appropriate treatment in doubtful cases. he said.



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