Communicated to Social Work, prepaid medicine companies, clinics and sanatoriums

COVID-19 Best of all
Public hospitals, private clinics and sanitariums and healthcare networks are the ones who
they have the greatest role and the greatest responsibility in the development of the fight against the pandemic and in the care and attention of our beneficiaries.

In this sense, this Superintendency has been developing, since the pre-pandemic, an unprecedented program of distribution of resources towards social works, both of the Single System of Reintegrations (SUR) and of the Emergency and Assistance Fund, with the aim of ensuring, maintaining and improving the chain of payments to health providers and to be able to deal effectively and timely with the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, in various meetings held with clinics and sanatoriums throughout the country, the
claim for lack, long terms and / or delays in the payment of benefits, is

Therefore, and considering that our clinics and sanitariums are an essential part of the system’s value chain, we urge all funders to especially consider the situation and improve financing conditions for this sector.

It is the obligation of this Superintendency to ensure the rights of the beneficiaries of the social work system and the affiliates of prepaid medicine companies, the sole recipients of our actions, for this we must have all the available resources in an accessible and timely manner.

We do not doubt the solidarity and good will of the system to accompany our


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