Comparative research results of Sinovac and Biontech vaccine announced

Scientific study on ‘Comparative 3 doses of Covid-19 vaccine efficacy results, 6 months follow-up results after 2 doses of Sinovac’ conducted by the faculty members of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Public Health and Medical Microbiology of Manisa CBU Faculty of Medicine on healthcare workers working at Hafsa Sultan Hospital. Completed. In the study, the comparative protection results of the 3rd dose of Sinovac and 3rd dose of Biontech vaccine administered in Manisa CBU healthcare workers after two doses of Sinovac vaccine applied on a large scale in Turkey were presented.


Manisa CBU Faculty of Medicine Member of the Department of Medical Microbiology Prof. Dr. Sinem Akçalı shared the results of the study. Giving information about the study, Prof. Dr. Akçalı stated that Biontech showed superiority over Sinovac in antibody production levels, “When we compared the side effects in those who preferred Sinovac or Biontech at the 3rd dose, the pain at the injection site was 30 percent in those who preferred Sinovac, while it was 67 percent in those who preferred Biontech. Likewise, fatigue symptom was 15 percent in Sinovac, while it was approximately 2 times 36 percent in Biontech. We also found that the headache side effect in Biontech was more common after the third dose compared to Sinovac. When we look at the values ​​of Sinovac, we saw that the average antibody level was 32 units, and 145 units in those who preferred Biontech. Here again, we see that there is a significant difference between the two values. “This rate was 95 percent in those who did. This was one of the most striking findings of the study,” he said.

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Noting that 44 healthcare workers who caught the coronavirus in the study and had their third vaccine, Prof. Dr. Akçalı said, “We found that 44 healthcare workers caught Kovid-19 in the hospital between July 1 and September 24. None of these 44 people had the disease severely. They had the disease with mild symptoms at home. Antibody protection level was 2nd in those who had only 2 doses of Sinovac. It decreased to 56 percent in the third month after the vaccination. This finding actually shows us how a good decision the 3rd dose vaccination was. Regardless of the third dose vaccination preference, all the individuals who received 3 doses of the vaccine reached effective antibody levels. “This is a good finding for individuals with heart disease. However, Biontech administered in the 3rd dose vaccine showed a significant superiority in protection compared to the Sinovac vaccine in terms of both antibody level and disease status,” he said.



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