Compare Holywings, Whistleblower Roy Suryo Claims Legal Process for Stupa Meme


Dharmapala Nusantara responding to the fast action of the police to investigate the case of promotion of alcoholic beverages for ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Maria’ at Holywings. Dharmapala Nusantara as the reporter Roy Suryo asked the police to also respond quickly to his report regarding the alleged blasphemy for the spread of the Buddha image meme at Borobudur Temple.

“Once again we are witnessing religious symbols being treated inappropriately and properly on social media. Law enforcement officers should act decisively so as not to cause noise and seeds of hostility/division in society,” said General Chairman of Dharmapala Nusantara, Kevin Wu, in his statement to reporters, Saturday (25/6/2022).

According to Kevin Wu, the police acted quickly on the alleged blasphemy case by a Holywings employee. But on the other hand, he also questioned the progress of his report against Roy Suryo who are both suspected of committing blasphemy.

“Therefore, we also ask the legal apparatus to act more responsively in responding to our report (Dharmapala Nusantara) regarding the Rupang Borobudur meme case. Due to this, this case is similar to the blasphemy article which is also used the same way, namely blasphemy and the ITE Law,” explained Kevin.

Kevin admitted that so far his party had not received a summons from the police after reporting Roy Suryo. Because of this, Kevin asked the police to immediately thoroughly investigate his report against Roy Suryo, as well as the police to investigate Holywings.

“Don’t let the public get the impression ‘the law is sharp for certain groups and blunt for other groups’,” said Kevin.

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Dharmapala Nusantara Police Roy Suryo

The report to Roy Suryo at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police was filed by the Buddhist organization, Dharmapala Nusantara. Roy Suryo reported for alleged hate speech containing SARA.

“Yes, that’s right, today our report at the Bareskrim Polri has been received,” said Chairman of the DPP Dharmapala Nusantara, Kevin Wu, when contacted by reporters, Monday (20/6/2022).

Roy Suryo was reported for alleged violations in Article 45 paragraph 2 junto Article 28 paragraph 2 of Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning ITE and or Article 156a of the Criminal Code. Roy was reportedly linked to allegations of blasphemy against Buddhism.

The report against Roy Suryo at Police Headquarters is registered with the number STTL/184/VI/2022/BARESKRIM. Previously, Dharmapala Nusantara’s report against Roy Suryo was rejected by Polda Metro Jaya on the grounds that someone had previously reported it.

Roy Suryo’s report at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police adds to the list of reports to him regarding the upload of the Borobudur Temple meme. Today Roy Suryo was also reported to Polda Metro Jaya regarding the meme by a Buddhist representative.

Roy Suryo is also reportedly related Borobudur Temple meme post to Polda Metro Jaya. The reporter, Herna Sutana, assessed that Roy Suryo had harassed Buddhists.

“So today, we represent Buddhists reporting the alleged criminal act of the ITE Law related to the issue of religious symbols. The Reported Party has uploaded an upload of Borobudur Temple,” said the reporter, Herna Sutana, at Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (20/6).

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Herna said what Roy Suryo did was considered to have insulted Buddhists. The reason is that the upload of the Borobudur Temple meme that is spread through social media is not just a picture of a stupa.

“We also clarify that what was edited there is not a stupa but a statue of the Buddha and it is a religious symbol that is very sacred to our religion,” he said.

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