compare the size of their screens with these photos

The Ice Universe leaker shares images of supposed screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. This allows in particular to compare the sizes of the different models.

Render the Samsung Galaxy S22

Render of the Samsung Galaxy S22 // Source: OnLeaks x Zouton

Les Samsung Galaxy S22 are approaching little by little. According to the latest news, we should find three models on the same bases as last year: the classic Galaxy S22, the larger Galaxy S22 + and the even more premium and imposing model, the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

If these three future smartphones catch your curiosity, perhaps you would already like to know how much they differ from each other. That’s good, the leaker IceUniverse, still very active, shares four photos giving an overview of the respective sizes of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Concretely, these are screen protectors supposedly dedicated to the next Samsung smartphones. Remember that the Galaxy S22 should have a diagonal of 6.06 inches against 6.55 for the Galaxy S22 + and 6.81 for the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Curved or flat screen?

These screen protectors also corroborate all sources pointing to a very inspired design. from the Note range for the Galaxy S22 Ultra which should also include storage for the S Pen stylus. Also, based on the images shared by Ice Universe, this should be the only model with a curved slab around the edges. The S22 and S22 + indeed seem to opt for a flat screen.

See you in February?

Another interesting detail to raise: the three screen protectors have a small hole on the upper part (not very visible on the Ultra), leaving quite clearly to understand that one should not expect the slightest camera under the screen. this year for the Galaxy S range, however, Samsung has tried it on the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but more with a view to providing a suitable camera for videoconferencing, not really for selfies.

To really officially discover the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra, a priori we would have to wait until February 8.

According to information from Korean Youtubeur Super Roader, the Galaxy S22 would benefit from a Snapdragon 898 chip in all markets, and therefore not from the Exynos chip designed with AMD.
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