Comparison of position: six times the Dortmund is better

Bayern in the BVB Bundesliga top match: Comparison of position: Six times the Dortmund is better

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For the first time in many years, Bayern are not the favorite in the first Bundesliga match against Dortmund. This is also because many Munich professionals play in the form – and indeed: in comparing positions, the BVB is a little further.

Both teams are the most important Bundesliga match in the first round. Fpr Bayern, because they urgently need to hold in Dortmund to follow the leaders. And for BVB, because it does not want to miss the rare opportunity to build a big buffer for Bayern.

Before the super duel of the best German clubs FOCUS Online compares the eleven players expected:

1. Roman Bürki against Manuel Neuer

Countless times it was the goalkeeper giant Manuel Neuer, who ensured Bayern's success with his fabulous shows. The four-time goalkeeper in the world has lost this nimbus, his game has been unstable both for the national team and for Monaco for several months.

On the other side there is a goalkeeper in Roman Bürki who improved a lot after a weak season last season. With a 72.5% roll, Bürki is among the best in the league in this category.

The distance between the two guardians was rarely so close, but Neuer remains slightly ahead because of his longstanding exceptional position. 1: 0 for Bayern.

2. Lukasz Piszczek vs. Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich has risen further in the internal hierarchy of Bayern in recent months. The 23-year-old was one of the few to speak verbally against the crisis.

On the field, the young international always reveals his offensive live without being negligent in defense. However: Kimmich recently – he used surprisingly in midfield – his worst suit in Bayern.

Also Lukasz Piszczek is characterized by a forward dynamic, but unlike his Bavarian counterpart, the pole is much more susceptible to defense. And even in the passing game Piszczek does not reach the level of Kimmich. 2: 0 for Bayern.

3. Dan-Axel Zagadou Vs. Niklas Süle

With 89 kg of weight in combat and a height of 1.95 meters, Niklas Süle looks like a Bavarian version of Superman in her tight red bodice. In addition to power, his game now has a lot of elegance, which makes this season an exceptional quality.

Duel behavior, header strength, positional play: Süle is in all areas at the moment the number one central defender. And this despite the internal competition of Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng.

Against the pastor of Monaco, Dortmund Zagadou, despite a beautiful season so far, can not keep up. Probably Zagadou is also used for BVB because Abdou Diallo's summer shopping probably fails. 3: 0 for Bayern.

4. Mats Hummels Vs. Manuel Akanji

Hummels admitted during the week that he likes watching BVB football under the guidance of Lucien Favre. He will have watched closely, because now he must slow down black and yellow himself. And it will be quite difficult. Because Hummels is sporty no longer untouchable. It is even lower than Manuel Akanji.

In January, Akanji moved to Dortmund for € 21.5 million, an investment he paid a long time ago. The young Swiss, with roots in Nigeria, has established surprisingly fast in the central defense. Robust in handling, reliable, safe for the steps, self-confident. Even Hummels does not come with that. 3: 1 for Bayern.

5. Achraf Hakimi Vs. David Alaba

Almost no player embodies Dortmunder's youth football as much as Achraf Hakimi. With an extraordinary resistance, Real Madrid kicks his left wing up and down, even if he prefers to play on the right.

While the defending Moroccan, with only 20 years already in a coherent and energetic way, shines offensively in collaboration with the second young Jadon Sancho regularly as a trainer.

David Alaba is currently very far from such a form. The fullback lacks in the left position until now a reliable and constantly playing partner. This also affects the performance of Austria, which was often only average. 3: 2 for Bayern.

6. Thomas Delaney Vs. Javier Martinez

A close decision between the two cleaners before the defense. Both are characterized by their physical style and lighten with their dueling force offensive files in front of them.

He decides on the experience and speaks clearly for Martinez, who counts between Bayern since 2012 for service providers. The Spaniard can bring the opponent's attack game almost alone on a good day until stopping. So: poor point for the reds. 4: 2 for Bayern

7. Axel Witsel vs. James Rodriguez

Since Axel Witsel sought a serious competition and established himself after his engagements in Russia and China in the Ruhr, it is clear that a gifted player is the Belgian. Witsel leads the young BVB team along with captain Marco Reus again and again, word by word, controls the attack game and always puts himself far ahead in the storm. These are his best passing rates of 92%!

The season of Bayern James midfielder has been extremely changeable. Strong performances, for example on the Schalke, followed the transfers on the bench – followed by a grunt against the Kovac coach.

In the best form, James is the most accomplished attacker compared to Witsel. Almost no other player on the Bayern team has the quality of James – but he shows the Colombian too rarely. Unlike Witsel. 4: 3 for Bayern.

8. Christian Pulisic vs. Thomas Müller

Will Thomas Müller ever manage to find his very large form? The treasure of Monaco is progressively getting worse until the question mark.

Although Müller was always a bit of wood during its heyday, its efficiency could not be surpassed. Of that, there remained only a glimmer.

In front of him is Christian Pulisic. The American striker is considered one of the most promising talents in the football world – and rightly so.

With its inimitable dribbling towards the goal, with its tight ball control and precise final force, Pulisic currently has a lot that Müller currently lacks. Point for Dortmund. Compensation for BVB, 4: 4

9. Marco Reus vs. Serge Gnabry

Although Serge Gnabry is improving in Monaco, he is not quite in this duel for the best German player (for a long time). Marco Reus is finally injured and shows the league now all his strength. This is not just nice to see for Dortmund fans.

The captain of the BVB is competing with eight goals and four assists and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Dortmund takes the lead for the first time. 5: 4 for Dortmund.

10. Jadon Sancho vs. Franck Ribery

Ten games: four goals, six assists. A look at the statistics of Jadon Sancho provides a first indication of the outcome of this duel. And the numbers also impressed the only eighteen year old with his wonderfully refreshing offensive drive.

As Sancho crosses the square like a well-oiled race car, the now 33-year-old Ribéry has arrived where he never wanted to go. From his once-great strength, one on one, he lost something because of his declining speed. Ribéry does not turn around his opponents so easily anymore.

Too often, the Frenchman must interrupt his runs in the direction of the baseline and back. The Torgefahr so ​​urgently needed at Bayern barely radiates French. 6: 4 for BVB.

11. Robert Lewandowski vs. Paco Alcacer

In the central striker's duel the top scorer Bundesliga Robert Lewandowski wins – even if poor. With nine games so far, five of them in the Bundesliga and four in the Champions League, the Pole is saving even more frustration at Bayern Munich.

On the other side, in Paco Alcacer, personified efficiency booths. Only 29 minutes, the striker needs an average of one goal. Despite his seven goals in just 204 minutes of the Bundesliga, the point goes to Monaco.

Because the recent trend speaks clearly to the Bayern striker. While Alcacer has recently been hampered by muscle problems and has remained the scoreless in the last two games, Lewandowski travels to his two Champions League goals against Athens in good shape for his former club. Dortmund wins 6: 5

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