Competitor Jesse accused of cheating


Block competitor Jesse unleashed rivals Mark and Mitch after the couple's lies were exposed during the Wednesday night episode of the Reno hit show.

Jesse told this week that his friendship with the couple was made: "I don't have time for people like that, who lie and manipulate you."

Let's rewind a little. During Tuesday's episode, Mark and Mitch were shown making accusations of accident on Jesse's Block and his wife Mel's House during a live interview on Triple M.

The couple claimed that Jesse and Mel had copied their home from the exhibitor at Saint Moritz, a luxury condominium near The Block in St Kilda.

Jesse and Mel do not listen to these accusations until Wednesday's episode, when they appear at an interview with Triple M and the accusations are repeated live.


At Block HQ, Mark and Mitch have a brochure of Saint Moritz on hand to detail the "copy" they are claiming. Look:

Broadcast on Triple M, Jesse and Mel laugh at the accusations, saying it's a compliment if someone thinks their home looks like the luxurious Saint Moritz. But off-air, Jesse directs his anger towards the co-creator and executive producer of the show, Julian Cress.

Jesse says he heard from Mitch and Mark that it was Cress who started all the copying rumors: the producers interfere to produce a drama.

Cress is waiting just outside the studio and can listen to the whole conversation, breaking in: "Let's do it," he tells Jesse.

"You wanted to have a barney, we have one," says Jesse.

"Yes, but let's not do it in a live radio studio", he recommends the EP.

Julian insists that it was Mitch and Mark who raised the allegations with him, not vice versa – and he has the evidence.


Later in the episode, the crew took the last step in showing the films of Jesse and Mel to show that Mark and Mitch were the first to raise the copying accusations.

In the video, Mark and Mitch are shown driving while making a call to Julian.

"C & # 39; it's just something that came to my mind … I think you have to take a look at Saint Moritz," says Mitch.

"Mitch showed me a picture and I said," Oh, I know that room, "says Mark at the EP.

"I only lift it because I wonder if there are legal consequences for taking a designer's product and imitating it," Mitch continues.

Jesse and Mel later face Mitch, telling him they know he and Mitch went to the producers with the charges. After the tense meeting, Mitch says to the crew: "I don't want to talk about it. It was very inconvenient."


This week we talked to Jesse about the cheat scandal – and he didn't hold his feelings about Mitch and Mark:

Were you shocked when Mitch and Mark became so public with deceptive accusations?

Look, now everyone can see their true colors: they did a great job masking them for the first half of the season.

The boys came to us two weeks before and told us: & # 39; A producer told us to accuse you of cheating. One producer said we should call an institution to charge you with fraud. But we feel really uncomfortable with that; we are your friends. & # 39; I don't like bullying or intimidation, so when I heard that this was happening to our friends, I was very angry with the producer for putting us all in this awkward position. So when we heard what the kids said on the radio, I was initially angry with the producer – I thought the producer had forced them to say it.

But now you know it's not like that?

The truth has come out. They were the ones who called the producer, they were the ones who were driving us crazy. We had just been told this huge lie. Mel was really angry. They were our closest couple The block, so finding out how they really were was rather painful. The friendship is over. I don't have time for people like that, who lie and manipulate you.

It seemed a drastic step for the producers to show you the movie.

Generally, the producers never show you footage of what happened, but because the guys put the producer in and said he was doing this or that, they did. It was the first time in 15 seasons when a producer intervened, because the boys told lies about the person who created the show. They are pretty smart people, but the stupidest thing you could do is try to mend the creator of the show!

So let's make it clear: did you copy Saint Moritz?

I told Mel: "We are not here to recreate the wheel – we are here to build the house that wins the most money and appeals to the greatest number of buyers". So we built our home based on half a dozen other properties that are selling well. The only identical thing (in Saint Moritz) are those beautiful personalized doors that they had … but all are inspired by the wonderful things they have seen.

This is the second time this season that Mitch and Mark have made some serious accusations, then they faltered when challenged.

Mitch and Mark are not fools. What they do is accuse people of doing something, then reverse it so they are the victims. It's incredible to see. When Scott Cam's controversy was happening, I thought it was unbelievable – they were blaming someone and trying to destroy his career while saying "poor me". Scott explained what he meant by "people like you" – empty nester, like him and his wife. So Mitch turned and said literally, "I'm sick of people like him." L & # 39; hypocrisy! It is disappointing that children do not follow the same standard by which they judge everyone else.

Do you think someone else is "copying" this season?

Mitch and Mark have copied the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs. Scotty said they were doing it on the show and said "No, we got inspiration". So the kids are allowed to copy? I do not care; it's not cheating. But kids are comfortable enough in copying it and calling it inspiration, but when someone else gets inspiration, it's a scam.

The block continues 7pm Sunday on Nine.

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