Competitors determine in Italy because of map app


RomeItalian competition guardians investigate against Google, because the group has not included a map app of the utility Enel in the intended for use in vehicles platform Android Auto. The antitrust authority AGCM is therefore the suspicion of abuse of a dominant position in favor of Google's own map app after. The “Enel X Recharge” application shows drivers of electric cars charging stations nearby.

Google said in a response on Friday, Android Auto focuses on safety to minimize distractions for the driver. The company is reviewing the complaint.

Android Auto and Apple's similar iPhone software Carplay serve above all to connect smartphones better with the infotainment system in the car and make apps on them usable. Android Auto is also usable on the smartphone. The selection of available apps in the vehicle is determined by Google and Apple. In Carplay Apple, you can also navigate with Google Maps or the Google service Waze.



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