Complainants in the Frei case will appeal to the Supreme Court against acquittal | National

After hearing the second instance ruling issued this Monday by the Ninth Chamber of the Santiago Court of Appeals in the investigation into the death of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, where the accused were acquitted, the plaintiffs confirmed that they will appeal to the Supreme Court.

The attorneys Nelson Caucoto and Francisco Ugás, representatives of the daughter of ex-president Carmen Frei Ruiz Tagle, stated in a statement that they will refute the following arguments about the death of the former president: that it was the consequence of medical complications, that it was not the effect of poisoning and that the medical procedure was transparent.

Caucoto pointed out that the previous points are weaknesses of the ruling and that these are the “targets” that will “attack” to find a conviction.

“In them lie the manifest errors of the second instance ruling, and for that purpose we will point out the evidence that Minister Madrid managed to accumulate in his long investigation to show that there was homicide, that there was an incidence of toxic elements, that the surgical interventions were unnecessary and that the performance of the pathologists of the Catholic University was questionable from every point of view, both ethical and medical. It should be remembered in this regard that they kept the procedures they performed hidden for 20 years and nothing was done in public view. Everything was hidden and secret ”, emphasized the plaintiffs.

The lawyers assured that “it is regrettable” that the ministers who made the ruling “could not be convinced that the murder of the ex-president was the most sophisticated of the intelligence operations carried out by the military dictatorship, despite the existence of sufficient evidence in that regard.”

Therefore, they reaffirmed the decision of go to the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling.

Lawyer Nelson Caucoto talked about this topic with Loreto Álvarez and Álvaro Escobar on the Expreso Bío Bío program:


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