News Complete explanation of the Barelang Police Chief regarding the...

Complete explanation of the Barelang Police Chief regarding the death of Hendri Alfred Bakari. Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comChief of Police Barelang Kombes Purwadi Wahyu Anggoro has not wanted to comment further on the alleged violence in the incident Hendri Alfred | Bakari (38).

According to the family’s allegations, Hendri died due to police abuse. He died a few days after being arrested by members of the Barelang Police, Batam, in connection with a drug case.

Purwadi said that his party was still waiting for the autopsy results on Hendri.

“If the problem is related to persecution, I don’t want to talk first, let the post mortem run,” said Purwadi when contacted by, Thursday (13/8/2020).

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From the police statement, the late Hendri was said to be a big drug dealer.

According to him, the arrest of the late Hendri was related to the 38 kilograms methamphetamine-type drug smuggling that was revealed by the Batam Naval Base (Lanal) some time ago.

Hendri was arrested by members of the Barelang Police on Thursday (6/8/2020).

However, Purwadi said that Hendri was not yet a suspect, but a suspected perpetrator of narcotics abuse.

Purwadi said the police had 3×24 hours to check Hendri before determining his status.

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During the interrogation, the police took Hendri to two locations suspected of storing evidence that is still being sought in the form of 106 kilograms of narcotics.

He also claimed that all arrests and searches were carried out according to procedures.

“So if the family says there is no letter, oh there is. Yes (complete). The term is that we cannot search someone without a warrant, it is impossible, there must be, ”he said.

The next day after his arrest, Hendri was said to be short of breath.

According to Purwadi, Hendri was then taken to the hospital. However, he died in the hospital.

“Friday (7/8/2020) early morning (Hendri is short of breath). When the members were given medication, it turned out that at 4:30 a.m., he became increasingly congested, and finally he was taken to the hospital. He was treated at the hospital at 7:13 am, he died, ”he said.

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After that, the hospital conducted a test swab related Covid-19 to the corpse.

From Purwadi’s statement, while waiting for the results swab, the hospital wrapped Hendri’s head in plastic.

“That wrapping not us, it’s from the doctor, not us, we don’t have the right to do that, “said Purwadi.

Now, the police are still waiting for the results of the autopsy on the bodies that were carried out by general practitioners or who are not police doctors.

Furthermore, Purwadi promised to take firm action against his members if they were guilty.

“Just wait for the post mortem. The member was wrong, I did it, but if it really died because of other things, then we will just process it as it is, “he said.



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